TaylorMade STEALTH Fairways, Hybrids and Irons

While they don’t offer the same hot-button talking point that their driver counterparts will, it wouldn’t be a full lineup without TaylorMade bringing fairways, hybrids, and irons to the table as well. Although they may not be using carbon fiber in the face, they are not short on tech, and the company has a track record of performance in these club segments that speaks for itself. 

Let’s take a closer look at the rest of the TaylorMade STEALTH lineup, shall we?

TaylorMade STEALTH Fairway Woods

Though they don’t have the carbon face the driver does, that will not keep the new STEALTH fairways from being some of the most sought after to try fairways on the market for 2022 as TaylorMade has not missed here for some time when it comes to sheer performance. While both carry the same lineup name, they are very different clubs. 

TaylorMade STEALTH Fairways


The “standard” option of the two, this is the fairway in the line which will be most playable for the majority of golfers. TaylorMade has reworked the “3D Crown” to pull mass from the toe and place it more towards the back of the club to increase MOI and playability. 

The club does feature the new Speed Pocket design which TaylorMade is famous for in its fairways as well as TwistFace, but they have also reworked the V STEEL sole design to make it more playable off the turf, even with the 190cc size in the lower lofts. 

STEALTH is available in 3, 3HL, 5, 7, and 9 wood options, with the 3, 3HL, and 5 in LH as well. The stock setup is the Fujikura Ventus Red.


As was the case of the Ti models in the SIM and SIM2, the PLUS+ is sure to be the flame thrower of the fairway duo for the STEALTH lineup. A smaller 175cc head is now even more manicured to fit the demands of their Tour staff while also having a face that is 12% bigger than the SIM2. The name of the game here is shot making, and speed. 

TaylorMade STEALTH + fw woods

The PLUS+ also has the V STEEL sole with 80g sole plate that has been much lauded in the SIM fairways, as well as Twist Face now on a new ZATECH face material. Add in their patented Speed Pocket and this will be an interesting fairway to test. 

TaylorMade is offering the STEALTH PLUS+ fairway in a Rocket 3, 3, and 5 wood profile with the Rocket being RH only. Stock shaft setup is the Project X HZRDUS Smoke Red RDX.

TaylorMade STEALTH Rescues

The sleeper of both SIM releases, TaylorMade has actually started to carve out a decent niche in hybrids. With the STEALTH line they will again offer two models that are totally different shape and playability levels from each other.  

TaylorMade STEALTH hybrids


This is the more accommodating and less daunting of the two hybrid/rescue models for TaylorMade in the shape that has been their most successful. It is likely due to that success that the STEALTH looks so similar, minus the now murdered out aesthetics from the top and bottom. 

By refining the crown carbon, they have saved about 7g to place further into the head and increased the launch even more than past models, and because the head uses a C300 material for its face along with the Speed Pocket, there is sure to be no shortage of speed potential from the tee or turf with this one. 

The STEALTH Rescue will come in 3-7 options and pair at stock with either a Fujikura Ventus Red or Aldila Ascent 45.


Sticking with the same naming convention as the drivers and fairways, it should be no surprise that this is the more workable and smaller profiled rescue/hybrid of the two options in the STEALTH lineup. The much more compact shape has a more squared off toe giving it a more iron like profile overall which makes sense given the focus on versatility. 


Using the SpeedPocket and C300 face, the PLUS+ Rescue still looks to offer a lot of speed potential but in a more mid-spin iron replacement type profile. It is in a design like this which TaylorMade seems to offer a surprising amount of versatility and adjustability. 

Options for the PLUS+ Rescue are 2-4 with the 17° 2H being RH only. The standard shaft will be the Project X HZRDUS Smoke Red. 

TaylorMade STEALTH Irons

While we haven’t seen these in hand yet, the pictures seem to indicate that TaylorMade has listened and attempted to make a much more cohesive aesthetic for the new STEALTH irons compared to what we saw in the SIM and SIM2 releases. 

TaylorMade STEALTH irons

Using what they are calling the “Cap Back Design” which also has a toe wrap aspect to it, they have seemingly taken the performance aspect of previous iterations through the shifting of mass from the high toe to the sole and at the same time made it look cleaner overall. While these are still going to be high launching irons with a thicker topline and a decent amount of offset, they do seem to look much more evolved. Internally, the “ECHO” dampening system uses polymer mixed with contact points to create a more solid overall feel (sound) at impact. 

The STEALTH irons have a 4-PW (43°) set composition with additional AW, SW, and LW set options. Standard shaft with be the KBS Max MT steel shaft or Fujikura Ventus Red graphite and pricing information will follow. 

The Details

The entirety of the new TaylorMade STEALTH lineup will release throughout the first and second quarter with irons coming in April, but fairways and hybrids out before that. It is going to be very interesting to see just how it is received, and more so, how it performs. Be sure to jump into the discussion on the THP Community and let us know your thoughts!

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