Tech Talk: Golf Ball Design

Tech Talk: Golf Ball Design

One of the most interesting aspects of golf equipment is the golf ball manufacturing process and how much it has changed over the years. New materials, more layers, different dimple patterns are just some of the areas where modern technology has helped create a better product.

Dean Snell has been in golf ball design for nearly 30 years and this interview with THP Equipment Expert, Michael Vrska is must watch for anybody that is interested in golf ball design and what it means for the golfer.

Have you tested out any of the Snell golf balls? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below and if you are looking to pick some up at a great price, check out the BudgetGolf coupon next to this article and you can find the driver on their website here.

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  • That is a great conversation. Two smart dudes, explaining some really high level stuff in a clear manner. I didn’t realize dimple pattern and size could alter flight that much, that is pretty neat.

  • Wow that was a ton information packed into 6 minutes. The different layers and how they help golfers of different skill levels was a great piece.

    Also the paint and how refinished golf balls should be avoided was a good nugget of info.

    LMAO at the job offer

  • Fascinating stuff from two industry titans. Even though a lot of what Dean says is very technical in a sense, he always conveys it so the common person can relate and understand his points.

  • This was really good, interesting about Dean’s pet peeves and really where the focus should be (around the greens). The amount of tech that goes into the ball is mind blowing and I got the same feeling coming from the THP’ers that visited the Callaway plant. Note to self to stop worrying about compression and to focus on greenside.

  • The stuff about aerodynamics was really interesting. Dean clearly knows everything there is to know about a golf ball so we should listen to what he is saying! Its definitely one of the most important pieces of equipment in the bag.

  • That was AMAZING! Two geniuses of the golf industry talking shop, love it!!!

  • Very nice interview with a lot of information in it; thanks. After playing the 2016 MTB last year I’m very much looking forward to trying the new models, specifically the Red.

  • man what an interview. Dean knows his stuff and I’ll be honest I wrongfully dismissed the Snell ball up until now. Interesting comments around the dimple design and how paint layers can help alter them. Makes me wonder how much performance players who buy refinished balls on the secondary market are sacrificing.

  • Dean Snell is such a breath of fresh air, so honest and so candid. I love my snell balls

  • I love how every video brings some new information that I had no idea about. Great stuff.

  • I love talking with Dean! I was sorry to see we didn’t have another event with him cause the Snell Kickoff was amazing. Just sitting & listening to him talk (& crack jokes) is a blast

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