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THP Radio is back with a bang in 2016 and today is the launch of the 2nd new show called The Golf Industry Uncut. Tackling on demand audio for the world of golf like never before, THP Radio presents this unique look behind the doors of the equipment world through the experts.

The rules for Uncut are simple. There are no rules other than the guest must be accessible to readers/consumers to discuss the show post broadcast.

This monthly (or more often) broadcast is your chance to hear from those in the golf industry in a format that is completely raw and unedited. If there is an issue on the show, you will hear it. You will have the opportunity to submit questions for guests over the course of the year and even connect with them after the shows either here on the THP Forum or through social media and let them know your thoughts or ask follow up questions.

This Episode
Senior Director of Marketing at Bridgestone Golf, Corey Consuegra joins the show
What Do You Say When You Hear “Ehh Bridgestone is a Tire Company”
Bridgestone Golf’s Marketshare and Goals
Life for an Equipment Company in GA
Let’s Talk Golf Ball Layers
Corey Consuegra Enters Fire Away
And so much more

Join us by listening below, or as always you can find us on iTunes at The Hackers Paradise.

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  • Great interview. Corey brings such an enthusiasm that is infectious. Some really good info and love his honesty. Looking forward to more of these.

    i can’t wait to try the new ball.

  • Really enjoyed the segment. It is clear that Bridgestone is a forward thinker in the industry. Surprised to hear that they are number 3 in the industry now, but it doesn’t surprise me that it lights a fire of motivation under them to improve.

  • Having been to the Bridgestone facility before as a tester of proto-type golf balls I was not allowed to tour the production portion of the site. I would love to have that opportunity. Bridgestone is simply an awesome company.

    Looking forward to trying the new B330-RX this year.

  • Good interview with Corey, only bad thing was the ketchup but Corey can get help.

  • Great interview with Corey. He has some great knowledge. I need to get to Covington and hear his favorite Kinchen quote!

    Very cool how they test the cover with the spinach mix and drink it afterwards.

    The softer cover helps with scuffing is pretty cool and I never would have thought about that.

    I also love hearing that they are focused on perfection, and trying to do what’s best for the consumers.

  • Love the segment. Really interesting talking about compression and forgiveness. I respect how Bridgestone does not release their a product until they have it exactly where they want it to be.

  • Ketchup!!

    Seriously interesting interview for THPRadio. Learned quite a bit and will definitely be rethinking my ball choice.

  • Great interview!
    Love how he embraces the fact that Bridgestone is “a tire company”
    Great energy, honesty, and information

    I want to tour that facility as well!

  • Another great listen! I learned a lot. Sign me up for gaining 9.3 yards of distance after getting fit for the proper ball! And I’m definitely going to try the B330-RX!

  • Already gave a shoutout on Twitter, but I believe these sessions are incredibly valuable to better understand a brand, and what goes into making equipment/balls. Fantastic show.

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