Talking Callaway with Jason Finley – The Golf Industry Uncut Volume 6

Talking Callaway with Jason Finley – The Golf Industry Uncut Volume 6

THP Radio is back with a bang in 2016 and today we continue with The Golf Industry Uncut. Tackling on demand audio for the world of golf like never before, THP Radio presents this unique look behind the doors of the equipment world through the experts.

The rules for Uncut are simple. There are no rules other than the guest must be accessible to readers/consumers to discuss the show post broadcast.

This semi-monthly broadcast is your chance to hear from those in the golf industry in a format that is completely raw and unedited. If there is an issue on the show, you will hear it. You will have the opportunity to submit questions for guests over the course of the year and even connect with them after the shows either here on the THP Forum or through social media and let them know your thoughts or ask follow up questions.

This Episode
Jason Finley from Callaway Golf joins the show
How did you get started in golf?
How many jobs have you held at Callaway Golf?
The Greatest Event ever created is presented
Jason Finley joins us on the Hot Seat for Fire Away
And so much more

Join us by listening below, or as always you can find us on iTunes at The Hackers Paradise.

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  • Great interview. I’m with hk on pizza toppings but need more than ketchup on a hot dog. I would have guessed Jrod would have gotten the nod for best trash talker.

    Listening to the grandaddy talk gets the excitement level up and I want that bus ride to the hideaway.

  • Great episode, really enjoyed the interaction! I’ll bet those putting contests were something special! Hope to meet Jason at the Grandaddy!

  • Always enjoy when Jason’s on, and this was no exception. Here’s a guy that loves his career and loves his company, and his enthusiasm for both comes through. His excitement for the #Grandaddy also comes through loud and clear. But, this year, the Zoo Crew takes it’s first lost. Sorry, Jason.

  • Another great segment, pretty cool that Harry got a HIO with the Chrome Soft while it was still a proto.

    I NEED Finley’s bag, I feel like it would be a very similar setup for me.

    I think Finley is going to dominate The Gauntlet, he seems very confident – Not a fan of the Grandaddy digs though.

    Loved the Grandaddy breakdown, best I’ve heard it summarized.

    Lost me on his hot dog toppings though.

  • I didn’t know how Finley got into the golf business and on at Callaway followed by what all he has done there, very cool to hear the background. Air cannon to start a career! Interesting about his favorite product to launch was the Chrome Soft considering how much equipment they’ve launched throughout the years.

    TT XP95’s in the irons…unsure why but that kinda surprised me. Desert golf talk was amusing, love it.

    Finley said it perfectly, the Grandaddy is something that simply can’t be bought…just incredible what it is and an amazing opportunity.

    Curly fry, yes!!

  • Dog’s need mustard, come on Jason…

  • What a great listen, Jason just sounds like a great guy, would be awesome to play a round with for sure.

  • All the toppings in the world, and he picks ketchup…. the one thing that should never be on a hotdog.

  • Thanks Jason for your time to do this broadcast. I hope to hand you your first defeat at TheGrandaddy. Ketchup on hotdogs?? Pure evil. And right after listing Chicago as best food city? You would have to pack your own bottle to put it on a dog there.

  • Great lessen. Jason seems very passionate about his work. He likes to trash talk too.

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