#TheKingIsComing – Final Teaser Video

Over the last three weeks, THP has had a rather large buildup to something mysterious with just the words #TheKingIsComing repeated. Viewers have seen video and audio files from Callaway Golf HQ and each one contains some clues to something special.

Tonight THP unveils the final teaser video and this one is once again straight from the headquarters of Callaway Golf featuring Harry Arnett, Chad Coleman and members of the marketing team they call the Zoo Crew.

Tomorrow, #TheKingIsComing will be revealed to everybody and the world will get to join in and enjoy the excitement. Take a minute and watch the final behind the scenes video and then join us in #TheKingIsComing thread to discuss it.

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  • LMAO!

    Chad needs to quit…and try to with some dignity.

    Oh wait…the dog stole his dignity. Sick ’em Harry Rollins!

  • HOLY SMOKES!!! It’s all boiling down to this war! I’m definitely #TeamChad!

  • how anybody at that table didn’t bust a gut during production is remarkable. It’s seems as the lines are drawn quite clearly within the Zoo Crew.

  • Hahahaha look at Sabella trying not to crack up.

    But in all honesty, someone’s gotta stick up for the sensitive guys out there. #TeamChad all the way!!!!

  • Wow. Come on Chad, the world doesn’t revolve you and that beautiful, beautiful set of locks. A head of hair that even Fabio would be jealous of…

    Dang it! Off subject. Harry I am with you! It’s not that hard of a job. Lets go people! It’s war time! There is no time for slacking off! #TheKingIsComing!

  • Sign me up for team Harry, he’s so right. There is no crying in golf marketing.

  • #TeamHarry all the way. There’s no crying in golf marketing.

  • Awesome video. No crying in golf marketing!

  • That was awesome.

  • #TheKingisComing. This video is great. Come on Chad, don’t take all that noise from the talking head. You ARE the social media guy. Harry must be cracking under the pressure.

  • I don’t ask for a lot. One thing I’ve asked repeatedly from Chad, until I’m literally blue in the face, is that he not act so nonchalant. I want him to be a lot more chalant.

  • I bet chad beat Harry last time they played golf. I know Harry must hurt inside, and it’s just a reaction. Deep down, there’s a little scared boy in Harry.

  • Haha these were all fantastic. I hope these continue even though a lot of the details have now been revealed.

  • Lol, anymore “Chalant” and harry might just blow an artery. How can you see with those goggles all steamed up. Hang in there, non-chalantely, Chad!

  • I’m pulling for #HashtagChad and the rest of the Arkansas AV Club members! We only grow gorgeous locks of hair in the South.

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