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With the holidays quickly approaching, THP wanted to give something back to our readers with a special contest that simply cannot be rivaled anywhere on the internet. The economy has had an affect on so many of our forum members and with the help of the greatest companies in golf, we want to give something back to some lucky winners.

The 12 Days of Holiday Cheer contest is not something that has been done before. We will be giving away a prize or prizes each day for 12 straight days and work hard to make sure that every winner gets their prizes before Christmas.

**DISCLAIMER: This contest is not affiliated with any specific religion.**

The Contest

There are 12 categories in this event and each one is sponsored by one of the greatest companies in golf. You will submit a letter (up to 50 words) to the holiday of your choice (for example Dear Santa) for each category that you choose. You can enter all 12 if you would like. At the end of the contest, a winner from each category will be announced and that person/people will win that prize/prizes.

Simplified – Write a letter explaining why you want to win that prize or use this prize as a gift for the holidays and you can win it. You can enter them all if you would like.

We decided to do the unwrapping for you and here are some shots of that.

Day 1 – Hybrid Set – Complete Hybrid Set From Adams. A70s with Graphite Shafts

Day 2 – Custom Shoes – FootJoy MyJoys – Any Style (2 Winners)

Day 3 – Ladies Golf Set – Adams Golf – Ladies Complete A7os Bronze set with Bag

Day 4 – Instruction & Fitting – Taylormade Performance Labs – Free Complete Fitting at any Location

Day – 5 – Outerwear – Nike Golf – Cutting Edge Outerwear (2 Winners)

Day – 6 – Putter – SeeMore Putters – m2 + xtra Headcovers & Triangulator

Day 7 – Distance Measuring Devices – Bushnell Golf – Neo GPS & Tour V2 Rangefinder (2 Winners)

Day 8 – Driver – Nike Golf – Nike Dymo Str8-Fit Driver

Day 9 – Golf Balls – Bridgestone Golf – 1 Year Supply of the new e6 Golf Balls (12 dozen)

Day 10 – Golf Bags – Golf Bags – adidas Golf Powerband Cart Bag & Taylormade Stand bag (2 Winners)

Day 11 – Wedge Set – Cleveland Golf – 3 Wedge Set of CG15s In Oil Quench

Day 12 – Complete Iron Set – Mizuno MX-300 Complete Set

THP’s 12 Days of Holiday Cheer

The prize list consists of all of the leading golf companies and includes some of the best prizes ever given away. For those that did not want to look at the pictures or have slower internet

Driver – Nike DYMO Str8-Fit
Hybrid Set – Adams A7os Complete Set
Wedge Set – Cleveland Golf CG15
Iron Set – Mizuno MX 300
Rangefinder – Bushnell Tour V2
GPS – Bushnell Neo
Putter – SeeMore m2
Men’s & Women’s Shoes – Custom FootJoy MyJoys (2 winners)
Men’s & Women’s Outerwear – Nike Rain Gear (2 winners)
Year Supply of Golf Balls – Bridgestone Golf
Golf Bag – adidas Golf Cart Bag & Taylormade Stand bag (2 winners)
Lessons – Taylormade Performance Lab Fitting

You may enter each “day” (category) only 1 time
You may enter all 12 categories
Your letters must be emailed to or
Please include your screen name or your entry will not be counted.
Each category entered must be a separate email.
Winners will be determined by the companies that donated prizes.
The deadline of this contest Friday December 4th, 2009 at 11:59pm EST. All entries must be received by then to be considered. Winners start getting announced 2 days later, on the 6th.
You must be a registered forum member with at least 5 posts to submit your entry. Registration is always fast, free, and easy.
THP Registration.

By entering this contest you agree to post pictures of your prize, should you win, in our Contest Winners Thread in our forum.
All items are in our offices and will ship from THP.

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  1. Diane says:

    Not only are the prizes wonderful – thanks to all the companies who were so generous in their donations, but what a fun contest. It gives everyone a chance to be creative in their responses.

  2. Jared K says:

    Great contest JB and GG. The pictures look awesome. Thanks for inviting Bridgestone to be a part of it. I know you’re going to make some peoples’ holidays one to remember.

  3. amollerud says:

    What an amazing list of Prizes! That is so great of the companies to make donations like this. We all know that times are tuff and hitting the golf world pretty hard. Thanks all for doing this for THP! It is actions like this that shows how kind and caring people really are. Thanks again for putting together such a great holiday treat!!

  4. Thainer21 says:

    This contest will be fun! Im just wondering, is it a draw? Or do the best selected stories win?

    Thanks again to all of the companies who participated.

  5. Will G says:

    Awesome contest guys! Thanks to the companies for putting up the gear for this, and thanks to THP for providing the forum to do so. I had a lot of fun with the entries I submitted last night. It’s a challenge to make something interesting in 50 words or less!

  6. Ramon says:

    Fantastic prizes!

    Thank-you to the donating companies!

  7. Administrator says:


    All entries will be submitted to the appropriate companies and it will be up to them to chose a winner.

  8. joshs says:

    Very nice contest THP. Thank you to all the companies also!!

  9. Guoseph says:

    Great to have a website that gives away REAL prizes and not just coffee mugs and tee shirts. Thanks THP and all the sponsoring companies!

  10. cwill says:

    THP rocks! Thanks to all the companies for participating in this great contest! It truly is a great way to spread holiday cheer.

  11. Ty_Webb says:

    Wow guys, this is an amazing contest and a fantastic set of prizes. Thanks a million to THP and especially to all the manufacturers whose generosity enables such a great contest to go ahead.

    Thank you all

  12. Todd Black says:

    Best contest I have ever seen. Thanks THP. Last week it was Burner Irons. This week you put this out??? What could possibly be coming next?

  13. tcalloway1 says:

    This is fantastic! Thanks to THP and all participating companies. It’s great to see such first class companies reaching out to help golfers of all types in such a crazy economic climate. Thanks again.

  14. davidf6956 says:

    What a great idea. Pleaseee enter me into your contest. My game needs all the help it can get with new equipment. I never win anything!
    Thanks to all sponsors for playing.

  15. Admin says:

    thanks for the kind words. Please read the rules in the forum on how to enter.

  16. Timbao says:

    What a great contest!
    Thx THP and all sponsors.

  17. madmike says:

    AWESOME contest. Great exposure for the sponsors too. Seeing some of the items in the contest and writing letters saying why I want them really makes me actually want them more than I thought I would!

  18. Big_E says:

    This is an incredible contest! I, among many others who frequent this website, can’t thank THP enough for all they do and the Sponsors for their continued generosity. It seems like the same companies keep stepping up and giving incredible things to the golf community! Thanks again to everyone involved!

  19. nike33kjk says:

    Absolutely fabulous! Thank you THP and all sponsors Good luck to all and Happy hoildays!

  20. TheDue says:

    Thanks THP and all the companies who rolled out for this fabulous contest.

    This is great fun. You guy’s ROCK!

  21. Smallville says:

    Halfway through. Six more chances. Good luck to everyone! This is possibly the best contest THP has seen yet. Thanks to all the companies involved.

  22. McKillian says:

    Wow, wow, wow. How cool is this?!

    You guys rock!
    A big thank you to the Sponsors and THP.

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