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Bushnell Golf, makers of the #1 Laser Rangefinder on the PGA Tour for more than a decade, continues the trend of offering Tour preferred technology for every golfer with the unveiling of the new Tour v3. Bushnell’s latest product introduces players to JOLT Technology, which allows golfers to feel their exact distance with each acquisition. The new technology, combined with new ergonomic design, will eliminate any doubt about yardages and offers the exact distance up to 1,000 yards.

“At Bushnell, we pioneered the laser rangefinder for golf and we continue to develop breakthrough technologies that revolutionize the Electronic Measuring Device market.” said Jordan Vermillion, Product Director at Bushnell. “The new Tour v3’s ergonomic design makes it unbelievably comfortable to hold, and will provide the golfer with extremely accurate distances to any object on the course.”

Continuing the trend of evolving precision through industry-leading technologies, Bushnell Golf is proud to introduce JOLT Technology in their new line of Tour v3 Laser Rangefinders. When the golfer aims the Tour v3 at the flag, JOLT Technology will provide short vibrating bursts to reinforce that Bushnell’s advanced PinSeeker technology has isolated the target and locked  onto the flag. The vibrating bursts provided by JOLT Technology will now eliminate any and all doubt and assure the golfer that they have the exact distance to the flag.

As with all Bushnell Laser Rangefinders, the Tour v3 provides instantaneous measurements in yards and meters with incredible accuracy to within inches of any target on the course. The Tour v3 boasts 5-1,000 yards ranging performance, including 300+ yards to the flag and is legal for tournament play (all Bushnell laser rangefinder models, except the Bushnell Pro 1M Slope Edition and Bushnell Tour v3 Slope Edition, are legal to use when USGA rule 14-3/.05 is in effect). The Tour v3 Slope Edition has the same features as the Tour v3, as well as the addition of Bushnell’s PGA Tour trusted Slope Technology which provides compensated distances for elevation changes.

Product features include:

  • PinSeeker with JOLT Technology to confirm the laser has zeroed in on the flag
  • Accurate to within 1-yard
  • 5 yards-1,000 yards ranging performance (300+ yards to a flag)
  • 5x Magnification (objects appear 5x closer)
  • New ergonomic design provides stable grip
  • Posi-Thread™ Battery Door
  • Weather-Proof Construction
  • New Premium Carry Case and 3-Volt Battery are also included
  • Industry leading 2-Year Warranty

The Tour v3 and Tour v3 Slope will both be available at Bushnell retailer’s nationwide beginning in February. The retail price for the Tour v3 is $299 and Tour v3 Slope is $399.

In an effort to continue its support of the Folds of Honor Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization with a mission to empower deserving military families with educational support and opportunities, Bushnell will make two new Patriot Packs available in 2013 featuring the Tour v3 and Tour v3 Slope. A percentage of every 2013 sale of the Bushnell Patriot Pack will be provided to the foundation’s fundraising efforts by. The all-new Patriot Packs come equipped with a Tour V3 (tournament or slope
editions), limited edition Bushnell and Folds of Honor Foundation bag tag, new Bushnell productive carrying case and exclusive Bushnell Golf and Folds of Honor Foundation branded golf tees at a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of $299 (Tour v3) and $399 (Tour v3 Slope).

Bushnell, the #1 choice of professional golfers, offers a full range of rangefinders, which continue to change and improve the way golfers assess distances, ultimately improving performance.

For more information on the Bushnell family of rangefinders, visit the company’s website at

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  1. Bushnell Tour V3 Slope | April 11, 2013
  1. dcbrad says:

    Bushnell has put out some quality range finders. I am sure the V3 is going to be no different!

  2. Freddie kong says:

    There is no arguing Bushnell knows their distances. I need a new RF, this might be it. Looking forward to some feedback.

  3. War Eagle says:

    Nice upgrade on an already solid offering in the V3 line. A few things that stand out to me are the JOLT technology with vibration when you hit your target, and the weather proof casing. Those to features are HUGE additions to the V3!

  4. Cookie says:

    The JOLT technology sounds really, really cool as I know sometimes I pickup a tree behind the flag or something so I have to be careful.

    Curious about the display and if it staying black or going to something like the Z6 which has a much easier to read display IMO when compared to something like the V2.

  5. Michael Dean says:

    The Jolt Technology sounds appealing, eliminates any doubts you got your #. I love the magnification of their lines compared to others out there on the market.

  6. Kevin Beausoleil says:

    Bushnell continues to impress with their technology.

  7. The Bushnell V3 looks like a great rangefinder. The JOLT technology is a great feature.

  8. IceyShanks says:

    I’m really glad they are doing the folds of honor editions again. I can’t wait to see more details on these.

  9. dhjkelly says:

    Bushnell will always continue to make great products

  10. bgammill says:

    Can’t wait for this to come out!!

  11. Canio says:

    This is definitely on my wish list. And waterproof!

  12. TripleBogieTim says:

    Dang and to think I bought a V2 just over a month ago!

  13. ddec says:

    I like the looks of the resigned shell. I have the V2 and have been more then happy with it. No doubt this will be a good unit

  14. Nate says:

    Bushnell is for rangefinders like Kleenex is for tissues. Just goes hand ‘n hand. It will be tough for me to ever go with another product over Bushnell when it comes to these products. They are always looking to improve and develop their products.

  15. Colonel Satchmo says:

    I like it a lot actually, I love my V2 but this may be something to look into

  16. InHartWeTrust says:

    I’m still in the market for a Rangefinder (too cheap to ever pull the trigger on one), but I think this year is going to be the year that I make it happen. Looking forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts on the V3.

  17. J4U says:

    Sure hoping they go with the red display as well, much easier to read and something I am now looking for.

  18. Austin wright says:

    Bought the v3 today… The jolt is really a nice feature, and I don’t have the most steady hand in the world, but it still picks it up really quickly… I like it thus far… Il put it to the test tomorrow, if anyone has any questions feel free To email me and ask anything, email is

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