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While at the 2015 PGA Merchandise Show, THP TV caught up with an absolute legend and sat down to talk in the Callaway Talks show with in a show set.

Roger Cleveland is an absolute icon in the world of golf equipment and Dean from THP TV checks in on a number of subjects including the new Callaway Mack Daddy PM Grind wedges that feature a new unique look as well as grooves that head further out towards the toe than most releases.

Watch the above video and give your thoughts on the new PM Grind and Roger Cleveland’s explanation of design.

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  1. cwmonroe87 says:

    I absolutely love the Callaway wedges and look forward to gaming them in the future.

  2. jdtox says:

    Roger is the man. Great interview and so much info about the PM wedge.

  3. dean says:

    This wedge looks really good. Hearing about how they made the proto was interesting.Thanks to Roger Cleveland for his time and knowledge.

  4. Michael Gutierrez says:

    Roger Cleveland has forgotten more about wedges than I will ever learn. Such a great interview and easy to see why Callaway brought him on board when they did.

    Thank you THP & Dean for that interview.

  5. MO says:

    The design simply follows the model of the Edel wedges- which I really like!

  6. musicmaster6921 says:

    That was a cool segment. and now that I know they will be available in 58* i might have to wait and grab one.

  7. #Cookie says:

    Really enjoyed listening to Roger describe why Phil wanted this designed in this manner. 85MPH SS on a short lob shot? Holy!

    Was cool hearing how they cut the wedges in half and welded together and that really got things going. Pretty crazy how the bounce was moved so far back to allow for a wide open angle to not catch the turf.

    Roger’s knowledge of how wedges work why they do is just incredible….so much damn information.

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