Three Minute Thursday: Mizuno JPX Fli-Hi

There has been plenty of discussion around the irons and even the metal woods from the latest Mizuno release. The JPX Fli-Hi has fallen slightly under the radar, is often a cult like phenomenon for those that play it, so we wanted to do a bit more testing.

In this episode of Three Minute Thursday, we hop into the THP Tech Studio hitting bay with the Mizuno JPX Fli-Hi and take some swings and then breakdown the data. And yes, once again, we went over the three minutes allotted for this segment.

Ranging from 4 (20 degrees) to 7 (29 degrees) there is something to be said for this iron replacement.

After watching the above, how do you think the Mizuno JPX Fli-Hi would fit into your bag? How high of a loft could you play a hybrid?

For more information on this or any of the new Mizuno equipment, check out their website here.

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James Miles
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