Tiger Woods Wins The WGC Cadillac Championship

Tiger Woods moves closer to getting the #1 spot in the world back with his 2nd win of the season at the Cadillac Championship at the Blue Monster at Doral.  When discussing tour dominance, obviously most people think about Tiger Woods and his fourteen major championships as well as what seemed liked weekly wins during his amazing stretch, however his record in WGC events even dwarf those numbers.

This win was his 17th WGC Event win and 1st since 2009. Complete domination in some of the best fields in professional golf and if he wins at Bay Hill in a couple of weeks the world will have a new #1 that is a pretty familiar face.

What tools did Tiger Woods use to get the job done this week?

Driver – Nike VR Tour 8.5*
FW Woods – VR Pro Limited Edition 15* & Nike VR_S Covert 18*
Irons – Nike VR Pro Blade (3-Pw)
Wedges – Nike VR Pro 56* 60*
Putter – Nike Method 001
Ball – Nike One Tour D

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  • Good to see him get some Covert in the bag.

    But, with the way he was putting, not much else in the bag mattered anyways. Quite the display all week.

  • Pretty classic Nike bag right there, looks like he finally made the move from the old trusty 5 wood to something newer – hopefully a step in the right direction with the newer gear.

  • So, Tiger adds the Covert 5 wood and will let Rory work out all the kinks with the new gear? Veteran move for sure.

  • The Method putter was the real winner! Wow!

  • He was hitting that Covert 5 wood quite well this week. I wonder how long until we see him throw more from the Covert line in his bag.

  • Good to see him play well and the instructions on putting were putt to good use 😉 Well done Tiger

  • Hope the Covert 5 wood leads to more Covert goodness in the bag. Would love to see the Driver make it’s way in there as well.

  • His Method Putter was his main weapon this week….lethal.

  • Nice to see him back to winning ways.

    Method was the only club worth mentioning. Putted like Tiger of old

  • Why does everyone care what he’s using (Covert vs. VR_S vs. SQ) model wise? I know alot of us amateurs are equipment junkies, but why take something out of the bag until there is something significantly outperforming it. The only reason to do so would be to keep the checks coming form the equipment sponsor, IMHO.

  • This was an impressive performance by Tiger against a major quality like field.

    He’s on track in 2013 for major number 15 and I’ll think he’ll do it at some stage.

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