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Have you ever wanted to completely forget your current golf swing and start fresh?  Do you ever wish you could get one swing trainer that is effective in improving multiple areas of your game?  I would guess that most everyone reading this answered yes to both of these questions.  The folks behind the new training aid called the Unswing think they have a solution for people like us.  They sent one of their Unswing training aid packages over to THP for a closer look.

About the company

The UnSwing Training Club and swing method was created by Dan Moss and UnSwing Golf, Ltd is located in Beachwood, Ohio. UnSwing Golf, Ltd is a leader in golf and fitness training aids both nationally and internationally. At UnSwing, our goal is to dramatically improve your swing fitness and bring a greater sense of awareness (feel) to your game. It was our vision to develop a radical training aid and swing method that teaches feel that could be used anytime anywhere for just minutes a day.


  • Revolutionary New Off-Handed Club (lefty clubface for righty golfer)
    • Creates new sense of balance on both sides of the swing- wider swing arc produces optimum accuracy and distance.
    • Forces new awareness/connection with the mind and both that promotes concentration, calmness and better tempo- golfer is now comfortable with the uncomfortable.
    • Molded, Split Hand Grip
      • Creates proper angle/tilt at address and through finish.
      • Enhances feel of proper hand positions throughout the swing.
      • Improves feel of proper release of the clubface after impact.
      • Built-in Level
        • Creates a sense of stress free, perfect take-away.  You learn how to consistently repeat a take-away that produces on-plane shaft and perfect hand/club-head position.
        • Short Heavy Club
          • Promotes perfect address position
          • Club can be used anywhere for practice or warm-up
          • Dramatically balance, core strength and re-energizes all muscles used in the golf swing
          • The UnSwing Method
            • Forces new “swing awareness” of the mind and body.
            • Dramatic improvement in balance, core strength and golf flexibility.
            • Creates widest arc possible maximizing your distance and accuracy
            • Reinforces fundamentals
            • Improves your on-course confidence, calmness and awareness.

Using the UnSwing

Before I started using the UnSwing I took the time to watch the video included that has some drills to use with it.  I’ve seen short weighted clubs before, so I figured that’s what I was about to review.  That is, until I noticed that the club-head was left-handed.  My first thought was that they sent me the wrong product.  Turns out that’s part of the design and there is good reason for it.

When it was time to start I just hit play on the DVD, grabbed my UnSwing, and was ready to go.  I like the fact that the drills were all relatively short videos and very easy to follow along.  It’s easy to pick a drill that focuses on a specific area you’re working on and repeat as many times as necessary.  It’s also nice that in total the entire series of drills plays through in less than 10 minutes, making it easy to just hit play and follow along quickly and easily.

I will say that right at first it feels awkward and downright incorrect almost.  As I learned quickly, that is part of the idea behind the UnSwing, and the more I used it I began to understand that. 

The Drills

  1. Start where you finish
  2. The Fundamentals
  3. The Take Away
  4. Getting the club to the top
  5. Triggering the downswing
  6. The Lag or Distance Drill
  7. Release to the finish
  8. Finish where you start

Each drill is introduced, explained and demonstrated for easy understanding and ease of picking up the drill.  My favorite drill and one I need the most help on is number six, The Lag/Distance Drill.  This is a particular area that I personally need a lot of help and the UnSwing is the best help I’ve found in this area.  The other part that I really picked up on is how they are trying to create a wide arc in your golf swing, something that is very crucial to finding distance and accuracy.

Throughout the drills they talk about becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable. This really hits home with me.  Using the UnSwing puts your entire body and golf club into new positions that were previously not really used.  This helps to establish more of a sound understanding of where you want to be in your real right-handed golf swing, all while using a left-handed grip and club. 

I really liked the size and portability of the UnSwing.  I even took it to the office and as I sat on conference calls I stood in my office working on some drills.  It’s a great way to ingrain some of the moves into your muscle memory during downtime at the office.  Most of the time, I used my UnSwing right in my living room.  After all, you never actually hit a golf ball, so it’s simple to use anywhere.

Wrapping up

It took me opening my mind to this method and trusting the method, but once I did that and became comfortable with the idea that part of the concept here is to be uncomfortable, I really started to like this device.  It really does feel like you are unlearning the golf swing you have had for so long and rebuilding it.  You never hit a ball using the UnSwing, so you don’t have that immediate feedback that it’s working for you.  Using the UnSwing a few times a week or more is a great way to improve your golf game without actually seeing it shot by shot on the driving range, which can at times be frustrating. 

After the first time through the drills and putting it away I happened to be heading out to the range and I found that simple 10 minutes really left an impression on the way I swung the club that day.  I loved the instant improvement that comes because you’re not physically forcing your body into awkward positions with the help of an instructor. You’re just learning new positions and feelings and retaining that information the next time you tee it up.

The UnSwing training aid is available directly from the company’s website www.unswinggolf.com for $129.95.  It also comes with free TourSticks brand alignment aids.  This is a well-rounded training aid that can prove beneficial to multiple areas of the golf game.  If you’re in search of that one quick fix for all that ails you I’m not sure you’ll find it, but if you’re looking for a single training aid that can help multiple areas of your game and help improve core strength at the same time, I think you really should consider the UnSwing.

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