UST Recoil Preview

While at the 2013 PGA Show, THP got a chance to speak to UST Mamiya about the new Recoil shaft.

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  • My first time seeing this one and that was a great interview. I had no idea about “ovaling” but that was a great explanation!

    Most definitely looking forward to a review of this one, the graphite iron shafts idea is REALLY growing on me.

    Thanks to UST for the interview!!

  • I like the information and the thinking behind it, it definitely makes sense to me. I am looking forward to hearing about how they perform during testing.

  • Very interesting thought process behind this iron shaft. I’m really looking forward to see these in THP testing! Anything that can react like steel but be more forgiving on my shoulders/elbows is certainly worth the look.

  • More ball speed sounds yummy. I need to check the pricing on these bad boys. Recoil 600’s would be perfect I think

  • The technology behind these shafts today is amazing. These where good looking shafts in person

  • I would definitely try these out. Tech today is amazing and I can’t fathom what the next 5 years brings us. Hope to see these in test soon.

  • I saw the recoil picure this morning and looked it up, because I did not know what this was. This is very good info JB is bringing to us. I am excired to hear about the transfer of 67% more energy from the club to the ball. I definitely would like to look more into this.
    Great interview JB. Will be looking forward to the THP reviews

  • I am really excited withe the idea of these shafts…more ball speed is a great thing!

  • I’ve been looking at these for a while and seeing your interview has me wanting to go someplace local soon! These shafts are at the top of my list! Great interview! A review can’t come soon enough, thanks JB!

  • Interesting concept and technology and am looking forward in hearing more about the results and if these start to catch on with people.

  • Wow very interesting to say the least. A graphite shaft that dis-forms like a steel and can be built with a tighter tolerances. Can’t wait to see the review on these.

  • Great interview loaded with great info. More ball speed is good.

  • Fascinating. I saw an ad about these somewhere recently but didn’t really get it until I watched this. The “ovaling” seems obvious, I suppose replicating the action from that isn’t! Good job JB.

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