Video Look – Cleveland Launcher Ultralite Drivers

While at the PGA Show, THP got a chance to sit down and talk with Cleveland Golf about their upcoming driver line and what makes it stand out this year.

In Hand Pictures & Feedback on the new driver line here.

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  • You know, the more of these videos I watch, the more I think that Cleveland Golf just flat out gets it. They do their research, then they put out products that just make sense. They’ve changed the game for other OEM’s and I know that CG gets a ton of respect out of me. I think this could lead to loyalty.

    Btw, I want that sweater.

  • Great vid. The fairways need to be on everybody’s must-try list this year. Great package.

  • I can’t wait to get my 290 driver, 17* fairway wood, and Mashies. These clubs are awesome and I’m so glad I found them at the THP outing last fall before they were released!!! They were definitely worth waiting on.

  • I can’t wait to get my hands on the fairway at the Outing in May. I missed them last time, and after hearing such great things about them since, I have to try it out!

  • I am going to be fitted very soon for the new Cleveland driver, a mashie or two, and maybe even some CG16 irons. Cleveland Golf has really brought their “A” game to the industry and thumbs up to this new technology!

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