Voraus Golf Glove Review

It is hard to make a golf glove stand out above the rest. You can alter materials all you want but inevitably what people consider quality comes back to leather. For Voraus golf that meant creating a glove based around touch, namely touch through the use of smartphones which seem to be always attached to our hips in today’s world. 

Quick Take

An interesting solution for a problem that is not necessarily need or that someone might not have been looking for.  The quality of materials in the Voraus is top notch, and some of the plushest cabretta leather one could hope for. Function wise, it checks the design boxes it intends for smartphone use through the additional fingertip material, and durability is on its side. 

Materials and Design

The Voraus gloves are based around the 100% premium cabretta leather which makes up the glove with the exception of three lycra mesh cutouts on the back of the glove to increase breathability. The leather is crazy plush, with thickness that quite frankly I have seen in only a handful of high-end gloves. 

The big story here is the “smartphone compatibility” which the company says is currently patent pending. Essentially, it’s reinforced sections on the thumb and index fingertip to allow them to work with digital screens, but I’ll get into that in a bit. For the $19.99 price tag the materials exceeded expectations, though I will say the color choices as well as the logo design might be a bit bold for the tastes of some. 


The real meat and potatoes of any golf glove review, how does it hold up? In the case of the two Voraus gloves I worked with, quite well actually.

In order to see just how well however, I focused my time on using the white glove as it tends to show wear the easiest. I put fourteen rounds of golf and three full range sessions on that one and the thickness of the leather shined as I do not have a light grip pressure by any standard. The Voraus impressively shows only dirt and grime with, in my case, no breakdown of leather. Additionally, the fit of the two large gloves I got was true to size based on other leather gloves I use. 

The only hiccup I saw in testing with this one comes from its main marketing point, the smartphone compatibility. Now, the actual functionality of the index and thumb pads worked flawlessly allowing me to scroll through my iPhone with no problems at all, my issues lay elsewhere. First is the question of just how needed is this design in the sense that a golf glove for most goes on their non-dominant hand, so unless those people are two-handing it, which they absolutely could be, it draws some curiosities. The bigger thing for me was that internally the two fingertip sections are stitched in and there is a seam that runs through the middle of the fingertips on both fingers. 

While the index one caused me no real issues, the way the thumb sits on the golf club and having a seam in the middle of it led to some decent discomfort throughout testing. This is something I hope to see the company maybe take a closer look at, because as everyone’s experiences may vary, simply extending that section down to the first bend in the fingers could potentially make it a non-issue for everyone. 

In all though, it’s a unique idea in the golf segment, and that is something that is always fun to see. Not to mention, it’s clear no corners were cut in terms of quality of materials which definitely makes the $19.99 price tag palatable. 

What are your thoughts on the Voraus golf gloves? Be sure to jump in on the conversation below and on the THP community to let us know!

The Details

Availability: Now – www.vorausgolf.com

Price: $19.99

Options: Black, White

Sizes: S, S/M, M, M/L, L, XL, XXL

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