Wilson Staff Ci7 Review

I often frequent my local range and pro shop and spend hours tinkering with the latest clubs and technologies being released into the market. Over the past few years I have developed a great relationship with local shop owner and I have been fortunate to demo and play a wide variety of irons. Although most of these practice sessions are located on the range, it is indeed a pleasure to take a set of irons onto the course and find how an iron truly performs when under true conditions.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of playing the Wilson Ci7 Control Irons. At first glance, I was unsure of how these irons would fit into my game considering I have primarily played forged muscle-back blades over the last three seasons. The difference in feel generated between a forged and cast iron, the amount of offset throughout the set, and the visual aesthetics at address all raced through my head. The opportunity to test and review a set of game-improvement irons sparked a great deal of interest and fear in my game. I was interested to see how these irons would perform and feared the how their performance would make me question my decision to play a forged muscle-back blade.

Wilson Ci7 Control Iron Set (4-GW) evolved from the award-winning Ci6 iron design. Wilson’s Ci7 Irons have been re-imagined with a Tour-inspired, midsize shape designed to reach a broad range of players. The Ci7 delivers maximum head stability and forgiveness; a power generated by its thin face and undercut cavity is balanced by the unique perimeter providing increasing distance. Wilson stresses that the playability is maximized in these irons by the club head weighting and shaft technologies. The Ci7 irons come stock with the True Temper TX 105 lightweight shaft and feature a Progressive Tip Design which is a softer tip in the long irons for higher ball flight, transitioning to a stiffer tip in the scoring irons to maximize control and accuracy. The Ci7 features Wilson’s exclusive Elastomeric paint coating in the back cavity, which dampens vibration.

As I entered the parking lot I realized that it was a cold, brisk New England day. This was evident by the fact that there were only two cars in the entire lot. Given my solitary status on the course, I decided that I would play a majority of my round using only the Wilson Ci7 irons. Throughout the round, I found myself pleasantly surprised as I found myself facing a wide variety of shots. At address, the Wilson Ci7 irons have a moderate amount of topline width, which provides confidence at address and appeals to a wide variety of skill levels. The irons produced a relatively smooth feel at impact and provided slightly more distance than my muscle-back blades. As an iron focused on a wide range of skilled players, the clubs provide enough offset to provide that much needed forgiveness and confidence without overcompensating and limiting the clubs workability.

Throughout the round I found myself facing a number of typical shots and at points purposefully dropped a few balls in precarious spots around the course to see how well the irons performed. In terms of performance, the irons are quite versatile. The offset provided throughout the set allowed me to draw the ball quite easily. There were some minor issues when trying to cut the ball and with punch shots. The overall club head size and sole width allowed me to launch the ball quite easily. Unfortunately there was quite a bit of wind and I had issues controlling the ball flight in the scoring irons. I believe much of this experience stemmed from the stock True Temper TX 105 shaft, rather than the club head. I prefer a higher weight, low torque shaft such as the True Temper Dynamic Gold to control my ball flight and would be interested in playing a set of the Wilson Ci7 Control Irons with a higher weight shaft.

Overall, I enjoyed playing the Wilson Ci7 Control Irons. It had been some time since I seriously considered a game improvement iron and am glad that I had the opportunity to play and review this set of irons. The next time you find yourself at your local shop don’t hesitate giving these irons a shot. You can read more about these irons at Wilson Staff. THP definitely looks forward to trying out the new Wilson Staff products and being able to review them for all of the readers.

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  • I play these irons and love them. You hit the nail right on the head. I have different shafts in mine, but I came from playing blades and these just work.

  • I am in the market for new irons. These were on my radar before. Now I have to go try them out. Great review.

  • I love Wilson Staff. I still play the Fatshafts from a few years back but am looking at upgrading. These might be right up my alley.

  • I have these clubs and wouldn’t give them up.

  • I just went and ordered these for my husband. Found a great deal. He had been looking at them for a while and when I read the review here, it put me over the top. Thanks.

  • I got a chance to play these irons this weekend and like you I came away very impressed.

  • Glad you had a similar experience with these irons… they are a great addition to the Wilson Staff line

  • Thanks for the great review. With their stuff coming out now, I was wondering if these will be heavily discounted? I think they are perfect for my game and at the store felt and looked great.

  • I am thinking about picking up a set of these. This was a great review as all of yours are.

  • Wilson makes great clubs, they are not hip and the name doesnt bring people over to stare at them but i have sold my callaway driver and callaway irons to stick 100 percent with my wilson staff ci7 irons and my wilson spine driver . I dont look as cool but my scores get the last laugh,

  • 6 Month Review.
    ME – Played 10 yr old cally x14 pro’s before these, 4 handicap, 46 yrs old. 7i -165, Driver – 260
    COMPARISON MFG – Cally, Mizuno, Titleist,
    CLUB DESIGN – Good weighted club, nice topline. For those of you that remember the W/S irons of old, this is as close as the topline can get in a cavity back.Strong lofts added 5 yards to 8i-PW, 10 yards to 7i-4i
    ROUGH – comes out with less effort than other clubs. Lower boring flight than other clubs tested, produces more roll.
    FAIRWAY – Straight flight, easier to move left and right. 4i-6i higher flight than clubs tested. 7i – PW lower flight.
    DISTANCE – Averaged 8-10 yards with each club Strong lofts added 5 yards to 8i-PW, 10 yards to 7i-4i
    MIS-HITS – Very forgiving. Toe and heel shots loss maybe 5-8 yards.
    WHY I BOUGHT – Money is important. For the money this is the best set on the market that allowed me to add distance, workability and update a decade old set.
    The difference between cally x22 tours, and these was negligible, but the cost difference was almost $500.
    NEGATIVE OPINION – GW & PW “chunky” at address. Strong lofts on scoring irons (8i-GW) create a lower boring flight with less check. Would recommend 8i-GW of W/S PI7’s combined with W/S CI7’s 4i-7i. I will let you know I am in the middle of creating the combo set.
    CLOSING – If you are 15 handi or less highly recommend this club, 10 handi and less maybe look at the combo set.

  • I purchased the ci7 back in June and so glad I did. I shoot in the 80’s. It took me some time to get the clubs adjusted to my liking though. I had to take them back several times to golf galaxy
    to get them to stay at 2 degrees upright and also
    had them lengthen them by adding a 1/2 after doing this they were a little head heavy so after adding some lead tape under the grip they are perfect. I almost bought some x20 tour used but after hitting them side by side liked the ci7 better. My last set of irons were a golfsmith python / dynamic gold light sensicore shafts and used those for 5 years but wanted to upgrade to something with less offset.
    The elastometric paint they use in the cavity really makes them feel great maybe better than my old sensicore shafts did. after several rounds with them I have recently played
    one of my personal best rounds on a tuff course. I tend to agree with George GW & PW look a bit to “chunky” at address, and are 1 club stronger than standard irons, otherwise, they are quality irons and a exceptional value in my opinion.

  • Last year I was playing my Hogan blades so well I gave my spare set [ Ram f-x2 ] that I used in winter to a guy who needed sticks. Well winter is here and my swing has went south. Back to a poor takeaway and casting the club. In to out, desending blow, hitting behind the ball. It is no fun hitting a blade into frozen turf. [ I know, just swing better] So I started looking for a new winter set. I went about this by reading every review that I could find.
    I decided to only look at the magazines best of after I narrowed down my choices. I also didn’t want to spend a ton on another set of irons. Also, I don’t approve of what Calloway did shutting down the Hogan line. I also wanted to stay with an American company if at all possible. It ha scome down to the Ci7 getting the nod over MacGregor forged cavity backs. Everything I have read about the Ci7
    was what I was looking for in a forgiving winter club. Then I dug up the best of for 2008 and there they were right on top. Ordered today….. Can’t wait. I got the specs I wanted and the price was very good. Wilson I’m back. And if I can play to my expectations [humble] you can sign me up for a set of blades with the money I saved.

  • I recently started to play golf and a friend of mine recommended these clubs out. Gave them a try and I have to say…..WOW! I love them.

  • I have played the Adams A2 and Cleveland TA5s in the past and liked them both, but they pale compared to these clubs. I got the Graphite stiff shafts and highly recommend them. These clubs are easily workable for both fades and draws. They have a great feel when well hit and don’t penalize you too much on mis-hits. The look good on setup and have a great feel.

  • These are fantastic irons. Played Mizuno newer blades, Taylor Made TP MB. These are the perfect substitute for the golfer who loved the forged feel but doesn’t play enough to pure a blade every shot. Totally workable, but forgiving enough for the non scratch golfer. They are also a heck of a deal…….not like a lot of other clubs out in the marketplace. Give these a try…….

  • I currently play big birtha callaway irons and for the most part really like these clubs. The problem i have is that they are real chunky and now that im getting better, its time to move on! I will let you know after i try these ci7 what i think. From all the reviews i think they will be nice clubs. Hurry up u.p.s.!

  • Well its been a while but here it is….Awsome clubs! They are very nice and cut through the grass like hot butter. I have had to go down two clubs because these clubs have some kick. I really like the feel at set up and the ball just seems to get up very quick. I currently play around a 15 handicap but can see the scores dropping as i get used to the distance. Im really hoping to be at a 8-10 handicap by the end of the year and i believe with these babies i can get there…..Get some they are a HOT buy for the cash! I normally don’t leave reviews because of the false hype but thought i better to save you about 400.00….They play like a 799.00 set HONOST!

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