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The Hackers Paradise will have the opportunity to review the Jofit Spring Line coming up in early 2009. But we wanted to get some background on the brand and let our readers know about another women’s apparel company that looks outstanding. I got the chance to speak with Joanne from JoFit and hear about the history of the clothing and a little information on why it got started.

THP: How did Jo-fit get started?

Joanne: I hated woman’s golf clothes, they never fit. I spoke to many female golfers and they all agreed, they couldn’t find a good product at a good price that fit well and looked good. In 2002 I started looking for pattern makers and manufacturers in NYC. I learned fast you find people who know what they are doing and you hire them. From there we started making clothing that woman could feel good in.

THP: Can you describe the style of JoFit?

Joanne: It’s all about the fit. We made wider shoulders and tighter armpits to hide the “armpit butt.” The length and fit of the sleeves makes your arms shapelier allowing for a more toned look. Our tops are longer with tails so they can be tucked in or left out and both are very figure flattering. We wanted something that was comfortable, flattering and athletic.

THP: Armpit Butt?

Joanne: Armpit butt is the extra skin that hangs over your bra and then hangs out the extra large hole most sleeveless shirts have. (THP could not agree more, we do not like the extra large hole in the armpit area of sleeveless shirts)

THP: Where can people find JoFit?

Joanne: We are in retail stores nationwide as well as several different countries worldwide. You can also purchase our items online at our website.

THP: What can we expect from JoFit in the future?

Joanne: We have a new line coming out called JoClassic that goes up to a size 16. It is geared for the more classic look with a slightly different fit. It still has the JoFit style and color just in a more classic design. We have also graded our fitted shirts a bit wider so they are a little less fitted.

THP: Is JoFit only for the golfer?

Joanne: We are actually coming out with a great new tennis and fitness line. The tennis skirts are adorable and the yoga clothing is amazing.

THP: We cannot wait to see what else JoFit has in store, thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us today.

Do not forget to check out this review when it comes out. Everybody we have spoken with absolutely raves about their clothing and THP is excited to get to cover it. In the meantime you can read all about JoFit and see tons of their designs at JoFit.

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  1. Lisa J. says:

    That was a great read and very funny.

  2. muthaof2 says:

    I love it. Armpit butt. That is great. On a serious note, they make some of the best clothes out there for women. Every season I buy a few more outfits from them. Cannot wait to see the review of their line.

  3. patricia H says:

    I just found this site and love what I am reading so far. I wear Jofit because it looks great and is comfortable. Glad to see a review coming soon.

  4. rayanne says:

    Love hearing the information about companies like this. JoFit looks like a great product.

  5. Steve Fox says:

    I would love to get some of this for my wife. The article had me laughing. I will tell her to check out the site for the review

  6. amy walsh says:

    Do you know when the review will be coming out on their stuff?

  7. Golfer Gal says:

    I spoke with with Joanne and she should be sending us some samples to review the end of December or beginning of January. So expect a review very shortly after that….I can’t wait!!

    Golfer Gal

  8. kers Paradise − JoFit Interview? Seriously? I was searching Google for golf course bra and found this… will have to think about it.

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