2011 Fall Quagmire Review

When it comes to fashion and more specifically golf fashion, few companies stay on the cutting edge of design and fabrics like those behind the brand Quagmire. THP readers have been following our website each year for the latest in golf fashion from this brand going back to 2008 when we first took a look at their unique designs and bold colors. Over the last 3 years the company has quietly evolved into one of the most discussed golf apparel brands of the “boutique” companies by staying true to their roots of providing something different without sacrificing anything in terms of quality.

While at the PGA Show earlier in the year, THP got some time to speak with the guys behind the brand on the unique shirt line that they were coming out with.

Gud N’ Dri
On top of the ColorFusion this Fall, Quagmire has updated their Gud N’ Dri line of moisture wicking performance material shirts that are some of the best we put on this season. The Toddy, featured here, is 100% polyester and one of the softest feeling technical shirts we have come across. Some of the characteristics of Gud N’ Dri include – moisture wicking, anti-pilling, UV protection, static and wrinkle free. It’s also quick drying even if you spill your drink on it.

fast-drying / wicking
odor resistant
soft and durable
piling resistant
moisture management

Ladies Top
The Mulligan is classic Quagmire at its best. Bold colors that jump out at you in a wonderfully different pattern and a shirt that is as versatile in a closet as anything out there. 95% Polyesters and 5% Spandex offer the incredible features listed above in the men’s section as well as adding a little stretch and give during the golf swing.

THP took a look at some of the bottoms as well for the Fall line and in the still very warm FL heat, both styles held up extremely well for both on the course action and the 19th hole after the round. The striped shorts (Tanlines) are 55% Cotton, 43% Polyester and 2% Spandex and offer just the right amount of stretch in all the right places. These lightweight and breathable shorts surprised us on the course being a cotton blend and offered very little problems in terms of staying wet from moisture. The 2nd pair tested was the Quagmire Player Golf Shorts in black and these are a cotton/poly blend of 65/35 and are a unique feeling material that also held up incredibly well in the hot FL sun.

The ladies apparel that came had a similar theme and one of the bottoms that was selected for THP to test out was the Tanlines that were featured above on the men’s side of things. The feelings out of the ladies side mimicked that of the men; a great fit and stretch in all the right places. The Moonball skirt was something unique and fresh that upon first inspection was incredibly well liked. This 97% Cotton and 3% Spandex stylish plaid skirt features inner shorts for maximum comfort and protection on and off the course.

The Golf Dress
The Golf dress is making a comeback for the ladies and each one should have that go to dress in their closet. Always ahead of the curve, Quagmire has been perfecting the golf dress for the last few years and the Jug was no different. Classic and elegant without sacrificing any of the modern technology, the Jug is 95% Nylon and 5% Spandex to flow and stretch with the golf swing perfectly.

Cut & Fit
One thing that THP always likes to address in their apparel reviews are the fit qualities of each brand. One brand’s large, might be another brand’s medium, so it important to make sure that a proper cut is matched with the right size for an individual, especially when ordering online. In our testing, Quagmire features an athletic type of fit, that also has many hints of “relaxed” in it by nature. For the US shoppers out there, THP recommends sizing up one size (especially in shirts) to make sure you find the best fitting shirt available. While not a slim fit by any means, comfort is king and when comparing them to many of the brands you have grown accustomed to, this will be the easiest way to grab some great fitting gear.

Another season has passed and once again the Quagmire brand has come with some innovative and bold designs that feature high quality materials and superb fit. As each season comes THP looks forward to their latest catalog of new designs. For more information on the latest from Quagmire, check out their website at www.quagmiregolf.com and to purchase their latest line of hot and trendy golf apparel, check out Golf4Her at www.golf4her.com and Fairway Styles at www.fairwaystyles.com.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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