2011 Fall Quagmire Review

When it comes to fashion and more specifically golf fashion, few companies stay on the cutting edge of design and fabrics like those behind the brand Quagmire. THP readers have been following our website each year for the latest in golf fashion from this brand going back to 2008 when we first took a look at their unique designs and bold colors. Over the last 3 years the company has quietly evolved into one of the most discussed golf apparel brands of the “boutique” companies by staying true to their roots of providing something different without sacrificing anything in terms of quality.

While at the PGA Show earlier in the year, THP got some time to speak with the guys behind the brand on the unique shirt line that they were coming out with.

Gud N’ Dri
On top of the ColorFusion this Fall, Quagmire has updated their Gud N’ Dri line of moisture wicking performance material shirts that are some of the best we put on this season. The Toddy, featured here, is 100% polyester and one of the softest feeling technical shirts we have come across. Some of the characteristics of Gud N’ Dri include – moisture wicking, anti-pilling, UV protection, static and wrinkle free. It’s also quick drying even if you spill your drink on it.

fast-drying / wicking
odor resistant
soft and durable
piling resistant
moisture management

Ladies Top
The Mulligan is classic Quagmire at its best. Bold colors that jump out at you in a wonderfully different pattern and a shirt that is as versatile in a closet as anything out there. 95% Polyesters and 5% Spandex offer the incredible features listed above in the men’s section as well as adding a little stretch and give during the golf swing.

THP took a look at some of the bottoms as well for the Fall line and in the still very warm FL heat, both styles held up extremely well for both on the course action and the 19th hole after the round. The striped shorts (Tanlines) are 55% Cotton, 43% Polyester and 2% Spandex and offer just the right amount of stretch in all the right places. These lightweight and breathable shorts surprised us on the course being a cotton blend and offered very little problems in terms of staying wet from moisture. The 2nd pair tested was the Quagmire Player Golf Shorts in black and these are a cotton/poly blend of 65/35 and are a unique feeling material that also held up incredibly well in the hot FL sun.

The ladies apparel that came had a similar theme and one of the bottoms that was selected for THP to test out was the Tanlines that were featured above on the men’s side of things. The feelings out of the ladies side mimicked that of the men; a great fit and stretch in all the right places. The Moonball skirt was something unique and fresh that upon first inspection was incredibly well liked. This 97% Cotton and 3% Spandex stylish plaid skirt features inner shorts for maximum comfort and protection on and off the course.

The Golf Dress
The Golf dress is making a comeback for the ladies and each one should have that go to dress in their closet. Always ahead of the curve, Quagmire has been perfecting the golf dress for the last few years and the Jug was no different. Classic and elegant without sacrificing any of the modern technology, the Jug is 95% Nylon and 5% Spandex to flow and stretch with the golf swing perfectly.

Cut & Fit
One thing that THP always likes to address in their apparel reviews are the fit qualities of each brand. One brand’s large, might be another brand’s medium, so it important to make sure that a proper cut is matched with the right size for an individual, especially when ordering online. In our testing, Quagmire features an athletic type of fit, that also has many hints of “relaxed” in it by nature. For the US shoppers out there, THP recommends sizing up one size (especially in shirts) to make sure you find the best fitting shirt available. While not a slim fit by any means, comfort is king and when comparing them to many of the brands you have grown accustomed to, this will be the easiest way to grab some great fitting gear.

Another season has passed and once again the Quagmire brand has come with some innovative and bold designs that feature high quality materials and superb fit. As each season comes THP looks forward to their latest catalog of new designs. For more information on the latest from Quagmire, check out their website at www.quagmiregolf.com and to purchase their latest line of hot and trendy golf apparel, check out Golf4Her at www.golf4her.com and Fairway Styles at www.fairwaystyles.com.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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Josh Babbitt


Josh is the Publisher of The Hackers Paradise and co-founder of THP Media with his wife Morgan Babbitt. Together they share a passion for golf, and they travel the country in the THP Tour Van bringing their love and knowledge of the game to golfers everywhere.

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  • Good read JB, never heard of them. Looks like they have some nice styles and patterns shirt wise. Might loom into picking up a shirt. Thanks

  • Wow – that color changing technology is really cool. Nice ladies stuff but that guys shirt in the pic is simply awesome….one of the only shirts I have seen that I would pay full price for; very very sharp looking!!

  • Thanks for the review JB! Really liking the looks of that first shirt, very interested in more of what they have. Nice, classic look they have there. Don’t remember the last time I saw a golf dress, but don’t think I would mind seeing them make a come back with te ladies.

  • Quagmire is one of my favorites. Truly unique and stylish.

  • I saw Quagmire on fairwaystyles and was interested. Thanks for this review. Might have to jump on a shirt or 3.

  • Nice review JB, I find your sizing advice really helpful! The Gud N’ Dri line has me interested, I’ll definitely be on the lookout for these!

  • Love Quagmire and the Quagmire guys are great too! Great line of clothes that should be on everyone’s list

  • Nice write up. I’m not too fond of any of the styling but that doesn’t mean it’s not a quality shirt or shorts. I enjoyed the read and always like being educated on something I’m not too familiar with.

  • Good writeup, but I do think the ladies line would match my wife’s taste more than the guy’s line matches my taste. I havent heard of the Quagmire line before, would be interested in seeing the Gud n Dri in some stores to give it a try on.

  • I really like the cut of the line. I like that many companies are providing more athletic cuts, thanks for the heads up about one size up though. The color changing shirts are cool, but they seem like they would be hard to match. Nice write up.

  • Me likey!! I must have that Toddy! The ladies stuff looks awesome too. The Mrs. has a few Quagmire pieces at home and they are in high rotation for the course. Nice review JB. I like how you always touch on the sizing of the apparel.

  • Quagmire seems to put out a ton of stylish golf apparel. I really like the looks of the blue,orange, and white polo in the beginning of the review.

  • Very well written article. It will be valuable to anybody who usess it, as well as me. Keep doing what you are doing i will definitely read more posts.

  • Gud N’ Dri looks like something I need to look into. I love my hanger shirts but sometimes I may take a little extra time and they come out wrinkled when I first put them on. I like the wrinkle free type shirts. The design is pretty cool. Thanks for the write up!

  • Wow, I like the changing color aspect of this line. You have to color coordinate for this with your shorts/belt/cap/shoes!

    Went to the website, and I really like the patterns. Looks like some quality clothing.

  • I really dig that Gud N’ Dri shirt pictured, just super good looking IMO. Plus, static and wrinkle free is always a major plus!

    Will be checking em out for sure.

  • thanks for the review JB. I try to stay away from companies like this to be honest but if I see something I really really like I pick it up asap.

  • I keep on telling myself I’m going to pick up a colorfusion shirt, but still haven’t done it… They’re too cool I have to hurry and pull the trigger.

  • Sitting here looking at the review with me was my wife. She absolutley loved the Ladies Purple and white on with the checkered skort! Me personally I would have left out the ugly Royal Blue and Orange shirt, But that’s just me cause I hate Auburn… LOL!

    Thanks for the nice review though.

  • I like their style, been looking at this line on fairwaystyles for a while now. Not sure though if I’m brave enough to try the colorfusion though. Thanks for the included video, always a bonus in the reviews!

  • Nice writeup on a cool line of golf apparel I was totally unfamilar with, so Thanks for keeping me informed. Just may have to be on the lookout for for some dud’s from the Quagmire!

  • I’ve never owned a Quagmire shirt but based on the photo of the men’s shirt I will be adding one to my collection. I like the cross pattern strips and the color schemes. MW is alwaysa plus for me, I sweat like a Coke bottle at a family reunion.

  • Good lookin threads.

  • I love the color fusion. It has been all over. I really want to get one of those bad boys

  • Nice write up – i quite like some of their gear shown here. Thanks for introducing me to a brand that isn’t main stream.

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