2017 THP Regional Rivalry – The Battle Lines are Drawn

2017 THP Regional Rivalry – The Battle Lines are Drawn

The THP Event Series known as Regional Rivalry will be back again in 2017 and here is the trailer for the upcoming series. What do you think? Does your region have a chance?

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  • Cool trailer. So what are the regions? And how do you go about participating?

  • This was a great idea last year, I’m looking forward to see which states get the call this year.

  • Looking forward to finding out the regions and who will be battling against one another.

    I hope New England gets another bid in this.

  • This will be a really fun event to follow just like last year. Just glad to have it back

  • Regional Rivalry newbie here, hoping to take part if NJ is called out 🙂

  • Great little Trailer! Hot me excited watching it!

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