The 2019 Players Championship Contest with Golf Pride Grips

The tournament many call the 5th major and we want to have some fun with some fun Golf Pride prizes. Each week, Golf Pride is the leading grip played from tee-to-green on the PGA TOUR with an average of 80% of pros choosing Golf Pride swing grips in each event, without any paid endorsements.

The Prize
Lucky winner will receive a killer prize pack that will include any set of Golf Pride Grips (including putter grip), a LIMITED EDITION Golf Pride towel and a LIMITED EDITION Golf Pride Tour Issue cap. Some of these items are not available in stores and this could be your only way to grab them.

How to Enter
Entering is super easy and done on the THP Forum. All you will have to do is predict who will win the Players this year and as a tie breaker, tell us how many in the top 10 are using Golf Pride Grips. Make your entry in the THP Forum thread for the contest and then sit back and see if you are the winner.

Good luck everybody.

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