2021 Srixon Z-Star and 2021 Z-Star XV Golf Balls

A very much anticipated release is finally here, it’s the 2021 Srixon Z-Star and Z-Star XV time folks, and it definitely looks like what was already an excellent golf ball series just got even better. 

New packaging of the 2021 Srixon Z- STAR

Centered around the idea of refusing to compromise, the new Z-Star golf balls are a labor of intense research and development to take things to another level by optimizing each design for optimization of the golfers who put them into play. 

The 7th Generation

Crazy to think about, but this does indeed mark the seventh iteration of the Z-Star and the foundation that it laid for what would become a duo of Tour caliber golf balls that have over the years racked up numerous accolades and successes. Seven versions, and not once has Srixon just stuck with the status quo, so though there is the return of some familiar terms, they have definitely evolved. 

The main example of that is Spin Skin with Slide-Ring Material, though most of you will remember that last part from its abbreviated name, SeRM. Yes, the name is, interesting, and no doubt some of you will have jokes, but what isn’t a joke is the performance and durability benefits it affords. This material is a urethane compound that coats both golf balls in the line.  The secret here is the amount of shear force that it allows the cover to take without having the bonds break, literally like interlocking slide rings. This shear force means the cover can be optimized to dig into the grooves to increase friction while maximizing spin and control. Oh, and it’s worth noting, no other golf ball company utilizes this, which Srixon believes gives them a competitive advantage. 

2021 Srixon Z-star and Z-Star XV

Additionally, this go-round Srixon has evolved the aerodynamics of both the Z-Star and Z-Star XV moving to a 338-dimple design. The depth of the dimples has actually been increased in order to work through the wind more effectively after initial launch than previous versions. Because the new dimples reduce drag, it means that when the wind gets up, the results in direction and distance retention will be better than in the past. When it comes to aerodynamics, it’s the little things that matter. 

Finally, both golf balls also utilize the “FastLayer Core” design. Srixon recognizes that historically the trade off in terms of feel and speed have been a tough one to master. A firmer golf ball offers more speed but isn’t as enjoyable in the feel department. Likewise, softer cores offer feel, but can sacrifice speed for stronger players. The FastLayer design remains Srixon’s answer through being soft in the center and increasing in firmness toward the outer edge. This is done through a unique baking process, and the company believes it is what allows both Z-Star golf balls to offer feel with speed. 

Now, lets take a closer look at each golf ball. 

Srixon Z-Star

The 2021 Z-Star remains a 3-Piece design aimed at golfers who swing 90+ MPH with their drivers. Being a 3-Piece design, the FastLayer Core is the biggest portion of the design and ensures the softer feel players seek while still creating ample speed with its 90-compression rating. The Z-Star remains the ball in the Z-lineup that will offer the most spin around the greens while keeping a mid-overall flight and low spin off the driver as well. The Z-Star of course does utilize the previously discussed SpinSkin with SeRM in a 0.6mm thick Urethane cover which is 0.1mm thicker than last time in order to increase the greenside spin even more, as well as the new 338 dimple design. 

Srixon Z-Star XV

Keeping with history, the 2021 Z-Star XV is Srixon’s highest compression ball coming in at a 102 rating and according to Srixon aimed at golfers swinging the driver at 100+ MPH. The XV is a 4-Piece design and the big internal change is in the central core with the new iteration of FastLayer which seeks to make the ball, though higher compression, still maintain feel that golfers seek. Additionally, this is the longest of the two versions as well as the highest trajectory (mid-high) of the two. The Z-Star XV offers greenside spin just below that of the Z-Star but also maintains low spin off the tee. The application of the new dimple design as well as SpinSkin with SeRM is here as well in the 0.5mm thick Urethane cover that is just thinner than its counterpart. 

The Details

Both the 2021 Srixon Z-Star and 2021 Z-Star XV will hit shelves on 2/26/21 while carrying a $42.99 price tag which remains among the most attractive points out there for a Tour level golf ball. Additionally, both will be offered in Pure White and Tour Yellow. 

We will have much more to come on the Z-Star and Z-Star XV on the THP Community with some already having them in hand to work with. Be sure to jump in there or below and let us know your thoughts on the newest golf ball release from Srixon!

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