2024 Wilson Infinite Putters

In 2015, Wilson Golf set out to offer golfers putters which included modern shapes, but at a price point which can be called nothing other than aggressively affordable. After initial success there was a refresh and expansion in 2018 as well as a new headshape in 2021.  This, of course, means the Infinite Putter lineup was due to have some new life breathed into it. 

So, that is exactly what Wilson Golf has done, with nine models available, with more attention to detail, all at the same affordable price. We were also able to get a few of the new putters in hand ahead of release to give an even more complete rundown. 

2024 Wilson Infinite Windy City

Quick Take

The Infinite putter lineup from Wilson Golf is finally growing up. With more attention to the little things than ever, like a higher quality finish, combined with an expansive headshape list, these will check a lot of boxes at their $129.99 price point. The matte finish doesn’t mark easily like past releases, and the “Activation Parallel Alignment Lines” combined with grip-based counterweighting makes for business like putters which may not dominate in any one area, but they do a lot of everything very well. 

2024 Wilson Infinite Putters

The main story from Wilson Golf when it comes to the Infinite Putter lineup is in “inspiring golfers to unlock their true putting potential by delivering truer strikes and a more consistent stroke”. Sure, that may read a bit broad and simple, but that is very honestly a good step in the correct direction for Wilson Golf as a whole as they seem to be establishing set goals and parameters for this release. 

2024 Wilson Infinite

It would have been easy for the brand to just continue to put the ultra-affordable putters in stores and gotten by, instead we now have a re-vamp and renewed commitment to a story behind them. As mentioned above, there are nine different models in the 2024 Infinite lineup, and the shapes run the entire gamut of popular options. From Anser style to Double-Wide blades all the way to Seven and Spider-esque mallets, they have tried to check all the boxes. Not to mention, there are crank hosel, slant neck, center shaft, and double-bends available. 

2024 Wilson Infinite at setup

The naming of the putter shapes is, of course, sticking to Wilson Golf’s history by naming each after different Chicago landmarks and neighborhoods. Those include the Windy City, Michigan Ave, Grant Park, West Loop, The L, South Side, The Bean, Bucktown, and Buckingham. They also use a PVD Anti-Glare finish and the “Activation Parallel Alignment Lines” (thicker middle line with thinner outer lines on each side of it). According to Wilson Golf:

“The new Infinite range serves the needs of golfers who struggle with alignment,” comments Bob Thurman, Global General Manager of Golf and Vice President of Research & Development at Wilson. “We are confident that players will be drawn to the new look and feel, with multiple options to cater to varying preferences in putter shape and hosel style.”

2024 Wilson Infinite Bucktown

We received The Bean, Bucktown, and Windy City for a closer look.

2024 Wilson Infinite Putters On Course Performance

The first thing that jumped out to me when I unboxed the putters was the drastic improvement in finish quality from the previous versions that I had written about in the past. That was a major criticism of mine when it came to the initial release, Wilson Golf hit the affordable price, but in my opinion, it was at the cost of quality. I can say without hesitation that isn’t the case anymore. While you won’t confuse the finish of the 2024 Infinite putters with a premium putter release, it is now a look that also won’t leave you feeling like it’s a bargain putter.

2024 Wilson Infinite The Bean

 The two tone PVD finish combined with the simplistic paint fill and white alignment lines is a good look, and whether it was the blade (Windy City) or the mallets (Bucktown and The Bean) they achieved their goal of confidence at setup. Things aren’t overly busy, and this time around they nailed the fact that you can create a clean look that doesn’t appear lacking. 

Wilson Infinite The Bean Putter at Setup

As far as the roll goes, they are cast putter heads with double-milled faces. As such, what you get is a more solid and sharp feedback at impact. They are not what I would call “soft” in their sound/feel, but the aggressive milling removes enough surface area to bring it into a place that also isn’t going to be off-putting to those not wanting to break the bank. 

2024 Wilson Infinite face milling

I enjoyed messing around with each of the putters on relatively fast greens, but the biggest surprise for me was in the stock grip. Wilson calls it a mid-size grip, but in my book, it is definitely an oversize shape which uses an under core and perforated outer layer with no taper. The feel is fine, but it is the 104g wright which counterbalances the putter heads which stood out. This is something that a lot of golfers can benefit from, as natural counterbalancing combined with the alignment designs here bring a lot of stability to the table. 

The standard grip of the Infinite putters

The Details

All the different 2024 Infinite Putter shapes will be available starting today both through Wilson Golf directly as well as retailers nationwide. The putters are offered in 34” or 35” lengths with the Windy City, Bucktown, South Side, and Buckingham offered for the lefties as well. You may have noticed in the pictures that The Bean was a different color, that is because it was one of four shapes offered in a women’s model that comes at 33”.

While they won’t be the flashiest putter at the dance, I do feel like Wilson Golf has found some clear direction this time with Infinite, and at $129.99 it is sure to remain in the conversation for a great deal of golfers out there. 

For more information, check out their website when they drop today at www.wilsongolf.com.

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