adidas Climawarm+ Jacket Overview

Although most golfers like to focus on their “good weather” golf apparel, solid and effective outer layers for different parts of the year are just as important. This year Adidas Golf is introducing their newest cold weather outerwear jacket, the Climawarm+. Designed to provide full range of motion and warmth in all sorts of adverse conditions, a great deal of technology has gone into this newest evolution of the line.

Adidas Golf on the new Climawarm+ Line:

Keep cold out with this climawarm+ jacket engineered with advanced hollow-fiber technology to deliver insulating warmth and lightweight comfort. Designed to keep you competing, it works to maintain core body temperature and deliver comfort to perform regardless of outside conditions.

  • Engineered with advanced hollow-fiber technology to deliver insulating warmth and lightweight comfort
  • Self-mock collar with zipper chin guard for enhanced comfort
  • Full-zip front and two zip-pockets
  • Contrast 3-Stripes design on back neck
  • Contrast adidas brandmark at right chest
  • 95% Polyester / 5% Elastane with hydrophilic finish
  • Available in 3 color combinations: Vivid Blue/Black/White, Black/Lead/Solar Blue, Light Onix/Light Onix/Hi-Res Red

Appearance and Performance

The Climalite+ is at first glance a lightweight, full-zip jacket that serves as a layer to protect the user from the elements of nature while not interfering with their ability on the course, but there really is much more to it than that. The Climalite+ actually features a newly engineered hollow fiber technology, which is based off of the polar bear and its natural hair structure. Essentially, the hollow fiber technology works by capturing the body heat that the wearer is generating and trapping it within the air of the hollow fibers, thus it allows a thinner material to serve as an insulator and this prevents loss of range of motion.

In hand, the weight is the first thing that jumps out. It really is tremendously lightweight and the material itself has a good amount of give to it with no sensation of stiffness at all. Add to that the contrasting stitching on the three different color combinations is quite heavy duty, just as all of the zippers on the jacket are. It certainly seems that no detail went unchecked on the Climawarm+ from an appearance standpoint, as even in the brighter color variations available everything works together very nicely.

Where overall performance is concerned, the Climawarm+ claims full range of motion along with general warmth. As far as range of motion goes, the jacket delivers on the claims put forth by Adidas both on the golf course as well as off of it. The overall fit is loose enough to allow movement without sacrificing warmth. Based on this experience, the size large model that THP was able to get in hand fits true to size for this reviewer. When holding the Climawarm+ in hand the light nature of the jacket itself leaves doubts as to how well it will perform in colder temperatures, but the hollow fiber technology provided a surprising amount of insulation for a piece of outerwear this lightweight. Obviously it will not be best for extremely low temperatures, but in a wide range of 50 to 70 degree weather it did its job incredibly well and would undoubtedly work well as an initial outer layer under another jacket too.

Parting Thoughts

Adidas Golf is known for producing stylish looking outerwear and the Climawarm+ is a clear continuation on that trend. In addition, they have done their research when it comes to materials and producing an article of outerwear that provides warmth without restricting the natural movements of the golf swing. For those looking for a lightweight outer layer that is well made, useable not just on the course but off of it, and achieves its claims of warmth, the Climawarm+ is certainly worth a look.

The Climawarm+ Jackets from Adidas Golf have an MSRP of $80.00 and more information on them can be found at their website.

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  • A great looking jacket for sure, and looks to be light weight enough for all climates. Definitely something that has my interest. Well done, James.

  • Well done James this seems like something that would come in handy this time of year when the temperatures can get quite chilly!

  • I love it! I’ve been looking for something lightweight for this cooler weather and the problem I find is most are either a little heavy or restrictive. Fantastic review James.

    Sign me up for the climawarm+

  • Great writeup James. I assume its pretty tough to write a review about a piece of clothing but there was alot of good information there. I like the looks and the price tag was surprisingly low compared to some of the other stuff on the market.

  • Wonderful review, James! This looks like a potential winner up here in the colder NJ air this time of year. The technology behind the fibers is intriguing, and the price point is lower than I would expect.

  • You had me at Polar Bear technology. Color me intrigued.

  • Man that sounds like a great jacket. I like the looks of the black one the best, but the others are very stylish as well. It looks so light weight it can’t be warm, but sounds like it actually is, which is quite impressive. Thanks for the review!

  • Solid review here James, I like how they targeted a thinner layer technology to maintain warmth based on the polar bear hair.

    You mentioned 50 to 70* but I would think this could go even lower if the golfer had a long sleeve thermal compression on underneath.

    For this layer, I want lightweight wind stopper that doesn’t restrict nor is it too baggy, sounds like this is a great options for that.

  • Some good looking jackets here James. Pairing the technology with style and color should appeal to many. I like that it is non restricting and light weight. Will have to give these a look.

  • I remember seeing the Jason Day photo of him wearing these when they came out. They look great. Disappointed that they might not work very well for colder weather. I’m still out there looking for something wearable and playable that will keep the cold and chill off in those below 40 temps.

  • Good thoughts James. Really like the styling and the price isn’t bad either.

  • This is a nice product.

    I can see this in my closet and on the course in November-March. 50 degree weather is not all that bad for me if it’s not windy though, so I think this could be worn down to the low 40s for sure. Maybe upper 30s. 70’s? Won’t be wearing this in temps outside the mid 60s! Even with it being really windy 70° wouldn’t require this.

    Not a bad price either. Hope to try this one on for size.

  • Thanks for the review James. I’m always in the market for cold weather gear as nothing I find ever seems to work for both warmth, and range of motion. I have no doubt that I’d be OK wearing this in sub-50° temps with a base layer, so this with it’s Polar Bear technology is now at the top of my interest list.

  • Nicely done James. I like the versatility this brings to the table. Lightweight and warm are two ingredients that are key on and off the course. I like the various color schemes as well… Looks like will be checking these out at the Addidas store soon. Thanks for the review.

  • I have one of these and especially like the fit and comfort. Too many golf jackets make you aware that you are wearing a jacket, but not this one.

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