adidas Golf Ladies Fall Fashion Preview

The Hackers Paradise could not do any apparel preview without including a brand we have grown so fond of, adidas Golf. Fall Fashion is about complete outfits that work in cooler climates and adidas Golf was kind enough to send over something that they felt our readers should know a little more about.
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ClimaCool Dot Print Polo in siren/boulder: 95% polyester / 5% Lycra CoolMax Extreme jersey
ClimaLite warm full-zip mock: 95% polyester / 5% Lycra ClimaLite brushed interlock
CC full length skort in boulder: 100% polyester CoolMax stretch woven
W Driver Lucy (catalog page attached)

The polo features the ClimaCool material we are absolutely in love with. The most amazing part about this tech material is that when you are wearing the polo it truly feels like you are wearing a high-end silk blouse that you bought at a designer boutique. The material feels so cool and sleek against your skin you forget that it’s actually absorbing sweat and keeping you cool.
The slits in the sleeves give a little extra room which is great for ladies with larger arms, no more red marks because the sleeves were too tight. The V-neck is my favorite part of this polo, I think it actually adds quite a nice feminine touch. Another fantastic feature is the loose fitting, flowing nature of this top which gives plenty of room to breath on those days when you just feel bigger than others. I am sure you ladies know what I mean, wink wink.

The Bottoms
During the spring time it’s sometimes nice to wear a slightly shorter skort since the weather is starting to get warm, and a little extra breeze is nice. However, in the fall when the weather starts to cool it’s nice to have a longer skirt to help keep your legs a bit warmer but still keeping that feminine style with a skort. Adidas nailed it with their fall line, because the gray skort we got for testing did exactly that. This bottom is a modest length that, depending on your height/body type, will fall at your knee or slightly above. On my 5’0″ frame it goes directly to my knee. The pleated bottom is just fantastic, it’s not over the top, it’s just enough to give that skort a little flirty feel. This is the kind of skort that looks fantastic on the golf course, but would also look profession and sexy at the work place as well.
I LOVE these shoes. I can’t say it enough how much I love these shoes. They are the epitome of adorable. They are striking from every angle and are a wonderful compliment to any outfit. They looks incredible with the outfit adidas Golf supplied, but they would also look great with pants, capris, bermuda shorts, and even jeans on a Friday night.
From the Company:
-Upper Targa top adds style, comfort and ventilation
-Low-profile midsole / outsole creates a sleek and feminine look while adding stability to promote improved footwork
-Durable adiWEAR rubber outsole with TRAXION
-Driver Last features the familiar sleek Driver Series profile but with a widened forefoot with more room up front for an improved fit, increased stability and enhanced performance.


I love that the jacket matches the skort, it’s such a great way to complete the outfit. My only issue with this jacket is the fitted arms. My body temperature changes a lot so I like to push up the sleeves on jackets if I start to get warm, but with this one you can’t really do that. Even with that small issue, I still think this is a great jacket and if I saw it in the stores I would, without a doubt, buy it. The color is great and matches so many outfits and the zip pockets are great for when it gets even colder outside and you need a place to warm your hands, hold your glove for putting, or hold your yardage book. The attention to detail in this outerwear is, to me, what really sets it apart. The zipper has a three bar tab to give it that adidas Golf flare.

I was extremely pleased with what adidas Golf showed us for the Fall Preview. From head to toe they did not disappoint. For more information on this outfit or any of the apparel that adidas Golf has available, check out their website at

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  • Great pictures. The shoes are adorable like you said and the entire outfit just works.

  • Love it. Wish we saw the adidas mens line too, but it may be coming up. My wife loves their skirts.

  • Echo,
    Rather than covering adidas Golf’s mens line, we will be covering their Ashworth line coming up very soon. Stay tuned, you will not want to miss it.

  • I can’t wait to see what else they have out for the fall. I love their skirts! Those shoes were super cute too.

  • I have been an adidas fan for as long as I can remember. Last year I switched over to another brand because I thought their outfits were lacking style. These may bring me back. The shoes are great like the others have said and the skirt is the right length.

  • I just found this site via twitter and cannot believe all the ladies coverage. This is great. I bought my first golf outfit two weeks ago which was adidas and am looking for golf shoes. I may have found them. Those are supercute.

  • As many have suggested already, I love the look of the shoes. Do the straps bother you when playing? Do they move or shift? Should you wear these shoes with or without socks. And my last question is, does the bottom come out to clean if you wear without socks. I think if things go right, i need to buy a pair of these.

  • I bought my mother that same pair of shoes and she loves them.

  • My sister loves adidas and I just sent this to her. The jacket looks great.

  • The like the pattern on the shirt, but the sleeves look a little too poofy for golf. Love the shoes and everything else pictured. Golfergal, will you be reviewing the new adidas shoes coming out like you did before? I bought my two pairs of golf shoes after reading about the last years versions.

  • At first the skort seemed a little plain for me, but put together with the jacket and shoes and its a snazzy getup. I like the look a lot.

  • great article and pictures. I am ordering my wife the shoes.

  • Thanks for the response. I look forward to it. Hope you cover the new mens shoes from adidas though.

  • The shoes look great in your photo, but not as cute on the website. I wouldn’t have given them a second glance on the website.

  • muthaofthree:

    To answer your questions:

    -The straps should not bother you while playing golf. They definitely do not move or shift. The only time they might bother you is if you buy a size that is pretty snug, because as you play your feet will swell and that strap could get a little tight. So get a pair that fit properly and not too snug.

    -You can wear these with or without socks. They have something called a FitFoam Sock liner that can be removed for cleaning.

  • I love this outfit. I worry that the shoes would not be that comfortable in wet grass, but other than that, the look is what I like. Nice to see the ladies clothes get some love on the ‘net’

  • Looks like a business suit.

  • My wife recently switched from Nike to Adidas and that is all she wants me to get her. However we have always worn FJ shoes. But she says these are adorable and wants to try them. Great looking stuff and the pictures are awesome.

  • Update for everyone:

    We will be reviewing the adidas Shoes like we did last year. However, those shoes do not launch until February. We will get a sneak peek at a men’s pair hopefully in November. We will keep everyone posted. Thanks for all the great comments!!

    Golfer Gal

  • interesting comments, I like the look of the shoes quite a bit but the clothing line seems to lack a stylized look or feel.

  • […] to take a look at. Earlier in our preview The Hackers Paradise had a chance to take a look at the ladies line from adidas Golf and we came away quite impressed. As we move into week three of our popular style preview, we […]

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