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Have you ever been to a PGA or LPGA event? If so you know to put on your most comfortable pair of shoes because there will be lots and lots of walking. This past month The Hackers Paradise had the pleasure of attending the Transitions Championship in Florida and for four days straight all we did was run, walk, and stand A LOT, which can put quite a strain on a persons feet. Luckily I was in the process of testing out some of the most comfortable shoes I have experienced so far, the Adidas Tour 360 Sport golf shoes. We also had a male staff member put the men’s Tour 360 Sport golf shoes to the test as well and the results were the same, these shoes are flat out amazing.

Before I get into the actual testing of the shoes here is a little information on these shoes:

“Like the TOUR360, TOUR360 II, TOUR360 3.0 and TOUR360 LTD before it, the TOUR 360 SPORT incorporates adidas Golf’s innovative 360WRAP support system, a visible technology that encircles the foot to deliver a customized fit while increasing stability and leverage. Setting the TOUR360 SPORT apart from other shoes in the TOUR360 family is its mesh-based upper construction and a proprietary technology called 50/50 Protect, which combines a water-resistant TPU shield to protect the lower-half of the foot from outside elements and a lightweight and highly breathable air-mesh top-half. The result is improved temperature management, flexibility, comfort and a bold, athletic look.”

I want to talk about performance and comfort first and then get into look and fashion a little later. As mentioned above a fellow staff writer and myself wore these shoes all four days at the Transitions Championship and we logged many hours and several miles in these shoes. The first thing we noticed was how supportive the Tour 360 Sport were, they almost felt like an extension of our feet. They have great ankle support and a built in sock-liner to help the bridge of your foot. My cohort kept commenting on how lightweight these shoes were. He said they were lighter than his more traditional saddle style and other sneak-like shoes. In terms of comfort this was about the only place our opinions differed because I actually thought these shoes were a little heavier than most of my other golf shoes. Although we disagreed on the weight of the shoes, we unanimously agreed on the comfort. We both felt that these were by far the most comfortable we had ever tried, and we have tried a lot of shoes.

The true performance test came on the golf course. After 6 rounds between the two of us we were even more in love with the Tour 360 Sport than before. At no point did our feet hurt, the shoes did not squeeze our toes or give us blisters on our ankles, they were the epitome of comfort. The male tester was especially thrilled with the traction these shoes provided. Even after a nasty rain storm he said his feet were firmly planted on the ground. My favorite part of these shoes was the temperature management. After 18 holes in the hot Florida sun my feet have a tendency to swell, but not with the Tour 360 Sports, I was cool as a cucumber. Forget the comfort, forget the support, this for me was like striking gold!

So now that we know these shoes can hold up you are probably wondering “how do they look?” We had a slight differing of opinions here. I absolutely loved the colors and design of these shoes, however, I thought they still looked like a sneaker. The male tester said at first glance he was not overly impressed with the aesthetics of these shoes but after putting them on and trying different outfits with them he thought they looked less like a sneaker and more like a classic golf shoe. The mens shoes come in three color options and as of right now the ladies only come in one. I would like to see the ladies come in more colors but even if they don’t the light blue/silver combo it currently comes in is great. The male tester was in love with the black/silver combination he had the opportunity to test. He mentioned that it can be hard to find shoes to match a gray outfit, normally he would just wear plain black shoes but he said this color combination worked out famously.

Overall the Adidas Tour 360 Sport were a pleasant surprise. We were not sure what to think when we first saw them at the PGA Show, and really were unsure when they arrived at our offices. But after putting them to the test for a couple of weeks, they are as good as advertised, and maybe even better. If you struggle with comfort, then these should definitely be on your list to try. With the extreme support while playing and the mesh design to give you a cooler temperature, we are thrilled to death to have an “all in one” type of performance shoe. The price on these is about $160 and falls right into where we believe they should be for a Performance Shoe. For more information on this style check out Adidas Golf. Do not forget we will be reviewing each style in the Adidas Golf line over the next two weeks, so stay tuned for more.

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  1. JB says:

    When I got to try these I was unsure, but within 1 round of playing, I am sold. Great shoes and good review. Thanks.

  2. Kurt says:

    I have been trying to find information on these. Thank you for putting it up.

  3. Shelia Lawrence says:

    So exciting to see all the new girl shoes coming out. These have been at the top of my list since seeing a picture online. Wish they had something in pink, but the ones in the picture are cute. Thanks for the information.

  4. Mike Bizzle says:

    i have the Tour 360 2.0 and have been looking for another pair or adidas. These might be them for that hot afternoon down here in GA.

  5. Anna Woloquitz says:

    This is one of those reviews I have been waiting for. I love shoes. Will you be reviewing the Tour 360 3.0’s or the Driver Prima’s?

  6. Curtis Strange fan says:

    I just ordered these thanks to finally finding a review. I have loved the looks of them, but was waiting to hear about the comfort. Great news.

  7. WSE says:

    Thanks for the review. I’m in the market for shoes — given your recommendation I’ll definitely add them to the list to consider.

  8. Soxy says:

    I love adidas shoes. I am more intrigued by these shoes after this review, but need different colors for the women’s shoes. I am hoping the Tour 360 3.0 are going to be reviewed as well. Thanks!

  9. Dan says:

    I wonder how the upper portion of the shoe will handle rain….

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