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Sometimes things are not what they appear to be. So when is a golf shoe not just a golf shoe? When it is the Adidas Tour360 3.0. Like its predecessors, this shoe combines contemporary design with modern performance technologies. The result is a golf shoe that performs as beautifully as it looks. Performance in golf shoes is a relatively new concept that most companies are jumping on board with, but few have found a technology that truly can assist a player like Adidas has.

From Adidas:
This shoe features Adidas Golf’s proprietary 360WRAP, a visible technology that surrounds the midfoot area to promote enhanced upper stability, a glove-like fit and increased leverage. New to 360WRAP technology for the TOUR360 3.0 is three-dimensional molding, which allows the saddle to hug the midfoot more securely than ever before. This 3D fit is also the basis of the TOUR360 3.0’s external molded Heel Cup technology. Inspired by cycling shoes, which enhance power transfer to the pedals with secure heel-fit systems, the three-dimensionally molded external heel-counter locks the foot in place and eliminates heel slippage, optimizing the golfer’s power transfer.

As a woman I have been known to sacrifice comfort for style, i.e. stilettos. Sure they look great but after a couple of hours my feet are throbbing and I am dreading the day I purchased those devilish heels. I like to look stylish on the golf course with my flashy tops and fun skorts but when it comes to my golf footwear I cannot forgo comfort and performance for fashion. Luckily the Adidas Tour360 3.0 delivers in both categories. These shoes were not just tested out by myself but also by my fellow staff writer Josh B. If you have read any of his reviews you know the man likes his golf shoes, and he is just as picky if not pickier than I am.

On a comfort scale from 1 to 10 the Tour360 3.0 would be a 12. These shoes are off the charts with how incredible they feel on your feet. The best way I can think to explain it would be to compare it to finding that ideal pillow that supports your head so perfectly that when you lay down you instantly fall asleep. That is how these shoes feel on your feet, it’s like they were custom made for you. Along with the fact that you feel like you are walking on clouds of marshmallows these shoes also offer such an incredible support system.

The technology used in these shoes is like something I have never seen before. Without getting too technical the Tour360 3.0 has something called ThiNT Tech technology which basically means these shoes have a specially made sole that has your foot closer to the ground allowing for better feel and balance when swinging which results in better contact with the ball. I don’t know about you but if there is a shoe out there that can help me strike the ball better I am all for it, and as an added bonus they look good too!

At the office of The Hackers Paradise we received two pairs of the Tour360 3.0 to review, the men’s in White/Black/and Victory Red and the ladies in White and Metallic Silver. I am not going to lie, I was a little jealous of the colors of the men’s shoes, I absolutely loved the black and red color combination. Our male tester could not have agreed more, he could not get over how sharp looking these shoes were and how well the colors complimented each other. The sides of the shoe are white with a thick black stripe running right down the middle of the shoe. It is then accented with the signature Adidas three bar design in red and outlined in black along with a silver three bar design on the heel of the shoe. They are the perfect combination of classic saddle shoe meets futuristic space shoe meets fashion forward footwear. Based on looks the mens shoes get a huge THP two thumbs up.

For the ladies Tour360 3.0 I wasn’t as excited about their appearance. The ones we got to try out are all white with the same signature Adidas three bar design in a metallic silver down the sides of the shoes and a silver heel. I felt as though these shoes had a bit of an identity crisis. They looked more like the classic saddle shoe based on design but are built and feel more like a sneaker. I would have preferred them to be a little less bulky, maybe slimmed down a touch with a bit more of a feminine feel. I will say they also make these shoes in white/silver and pink, but the shape is still the same and for me it was a little too heavy for my taste. I seemed to be the minority, however, because everyone else I showed the shoes to just loved them and kept asking where they could find them. Our male reviewer actually liked these shoes better, he said they looked more sleek and sophisticated. I still think the style is there and these shoes would look good with just about any outfit and I can guarantee that these will have a nice new home in my golf closet, but I would just like to see them resemble more of the traditional saddle shoe.

There will always be different strokes for different folks but even with the slight difference in opinions when it came to style there is one thing that everyone agreed on, the Adidas Tour360 3.0 is one heck of a shoe. This is without a doubt top of the line footwear and has pleased even the pickiest of people. With a price tag of $180 these shoes are a steal because the performance alone is worth every penny. To learn more about these incredible shoes and to check out other great items from Adidas you can view their website here.

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Morgan is co-founder of The Hackers Paradise with her husband, and fellow staff writer, Josh Babbitt. Together they share a passion for all things golf, food, travel and their two precious puppies.

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  1. Dan says:

    a nice shoe for sure, not entirely sure I’d call $180 a “steal” but the shoe is comfortable and does perform well.

  2. WSE says:

    Thanks for the 3.0 review! As you know, this is a topic in which I’m very interested, so I’ve got lots of questions. First, is the LTD on your list to review also? Also, you mentioned the low-profile sole, heel stabilizer, and midfoot wrap components; does the Sport also include any of those features? Setting aside your impression of how stylish the 3.0 may be compared to the Sport (I find the Ltd. in brown or black the most stylish, then the 3.0 in black, then the Sport — but that’s totally subjective), how did you feel the Sport and 3.0 compare in terms of comfort and stability/feel on the course (i.e., “performance”)? In the past I have heard at least one person voice some concern about the durability of the 3.0 — were you able to draw any conclusions about durability in the short time you had them? Thanks again for the shoe reviews. I appreciate your unbiased assessment!

  3. Administrator says:

    Compared to the cost of some shoes such as classics, this price is a STEAL.

    the LTD will not be reviewed by us since we are only reviewing their 2009 line and those are not new. However we still have a few more styles coming such as the Power Band. Comfort and support of both the 3.0 and the Sport our quite similar. The 3.0 provides a little more lateral support, but is heavier and less breathable. We saw NO issue with durability and we used them quite a bit. Hope this answered all of your questions.

  4. RocketSauce says:

    those shoes are soooo cool looking! i cant wait to buy a pair for myself

  5. Dan says:

    But these cannot be compared to a classic, its a completely different type of shoe. I see a classic as an investment, with care the shoe will last a great deal longer than this type of shoe. With care and a skilled cobbler, you can have a classic relined, and have fresh soles constructed. This is a completely different debate but the shoes are completely different from each other.
    I love the 360 line, I own several pairs but after a couple of long seasons of heavy use the shoes do not fall apart but are ready to be retired.

    I prefer the LTD, but at 250 that is completely overpriced.

  6. Administrator says:

    To call a FJ Classic an investment is a little out there in our opinion. Investments for the most part have a chance to go up in value, I do not see that being the case in any golf shoe. With proper care the 360 3.0 shoes can last many many years. $180 for a top of the line golf shoe in our mind is a great price. We are sorry you disagree.

  7. WSE says:

    Thanks for the quick responses. Yes, that helps a lot. I’m going to buy something in the next couple weeks, and the 360 3.0 is one I’ve been brooding over from the beginning.

    (If I double posted, I apologize — my computer seems to be acting up.)

  8. 907golfer12 says:

    Great review GG! I have a pair of the 3.0s and have had them since christmas, and I agree with everything in the review. These are the most comfy pair of golf shoes I own.

  9. Soxy says:

    Thanks for the review! I love the look of the women’s 3.0 with the pink from the website. I am still debating if I want to pay $180, but if I do decide to buy them, I will feel better about the purchase after this review.

  10. lanny says:

    did i read that right? “walking on clouds of marshmallows”?

  11. WSE says:

    Lanny — I think that refers to the patented, LSD-coated “Comfort Strip” ™ that comes with every pair.

  12. ClairefromClare says:

    Great review. I’m with GG–prefer the look of the men’s shoe.

  13. LauranceG says:

    Golfer Gal:

    Thanks for your review as this post was very helpful in my quest to find a great performing golf shoe.

    I believe you hit the nail on the head in making a key distinction. That is a performance (“athletic”) shoe made for golf vs. a street shoe that has been tranformed into a preforming golf shoe. I do think this is key when really seeking out quality, comfort and durabilty.

    I tried many a shoes and recently spent a good 4 hours trying differnt shoes on at a local store in Chicago. I cant say enough to others its worth the time if you going to wear and expect a high level of quality, comfort and durabilty. Granted it does come down to each individuals preference. For me these 360 3.0 were the Cat’s meow on all criteria I was looking at. I went thru the FJ’s, Occo, Nike. I’m not judging them as for others they may be great. For me the Adida’s were choice…in this case the fit and confort chose me!

    I am very pleased with this shoe for many many reasons and would tell others to consider this when in the market for a shoe. For me I loved these so much I bought two pairs: black and one white.

    From a fashion point of view they’re cool but the pointed shape is not so glamorous. At the same time when I slipped these on it was heaven! Comfort, fit and feel over looks anyday, anytime. I’m not sayinging they’re ugly, just perhaps not as aestheticly pleasing as say the FJ contours…but I would then go back to my firt point; these are a performnace shoes designed for golf rather than a street shoe being made to perform as a “gold shoe”.

    Thnaks for your site, your post and look forward to other reviews by THP.

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