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While the believers that distance is destroying this hallowed game of ours may not like it, speed is the name of the modern game and that isn’t going away any time soon. The chase for more is very real, be it on the PGA Tour or even at the local muni, so when I got the chance to try the Aero-Swing I jumped on it. Not built around weights, this is a system built around resistance, specifically air resistance. 

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Aero Swing

Quick Take

The name of the game right now is speed, you either want it, or you have it and want more. We have seen training aid devices become a hot commodity, but Aero-Swing is doing it differently. No heavy weights that could cause injury, and actually used on your clubs while built around air resistance. More importantly, it works, and shows there is more than one way to add speed to your game. 

Aero Swing Trainer

What is the Aero Swing?

When you look at the Aero-Swing, your first reaction will probably be something along the lines of, “wow, that is definitely different”, I know mine was. From the onset, I thought the Aero-Swing looked more like a boat bumper that someone made into swiss cheese. While it still remains abstract to me even at the conclusion of my review period, the science behind it has definitely made it grow on me, both as a golfer and a high school golf coach. 

Essentially, the Aero-Swing is a 3.9 ounce plastic pill-shaped design that has holes with ledges/ridges on them encompassing the entirety of the device. It is held on the club through the use of plastic and rubber washers which the company calls “stabilizers” that hold it in place, though for the stronger swingers they include reusable zip-ties to ensure they stay stationary through the program/drills. As for installing, it’s a breeze, there are simple instructions that do a good job of showing how to do it step by step. 

Aero Swing Attached

The device is available in a single or double pack, the single coming in at $34.99 and the double $69.99 which price wise puts them ahead of the game compared to some of the super popular speed trainers on the market. Be it the single or the double, a nice nylon carrying bag is included which made it easy to toss in the hatch of the car and keep them in one place. 

Also, the company is offering multiple colors which makes it sort of fun, especially for the coaches out there. For the review I was sent the double pack in yellow, and though it is at its root a piece of plastic, in hand the quality of the plastic as well as the rubber washers can certainly be felt, and through the review they held up well. It definitely doesn’t feel cheap in my opinion. 

Does it Translate?

Although only a few ounces, each Aero-Swing is able to produce 10-15 MPH of resistance in the swing, which is substantial, add a second one and the claim is 20-25 MPH which is massive. The part I really liked in my testing is that it’s not a heavy tool, so therein the risk of injury has got to be dramatically reduced down to basically the everyday wear and tear of the normal golf swing.  

Aero uses drag to increase resistance (10-12 mph) through parts of the swing, its not a heavy tool like some out there, additionally it allows you to use it on YOUR club and not either a practice club or a weighted set with no clubhead at all. This was a pretty cool experience because the resistance I got the first time out shocked me.  At the takeaway I didn’t really discern it, but as the swing moved to and from the top it leaped out to me. Plus, I was able to use it on my driver and to actually hit golf balls with it while working on the program. Additionally, where you place the device(s) on the shaft be it all the way at the base or somewhat further up, this will impact the resistance. I’ll add, when I put both on, it was a lot of resistance for me even as a stronger swinger, a bit of a shock, but it does exactly what the company is claiming as far as the resistance goes. 

Two Aero Swing Trainers

Now, when I mention the program, I’m referring to a really cool aspect of the Aero-Swing. Yes, you can use them any way you want, be it making up your own routine or just winging it, but if you want more direction, it is available. The company has five different classifications and programs for the Aero-Swing (Junior, Senior, Adult 88 MPH and below, Adult 88-95 MPH, and Adult 95 MPH and above) with each consisting of 3-4 days a week and 4-6 weeks depending on the program selected. Better yet, you can download a super well-done spreadsheet for each directly from the Aero-Swing website which includes easy to understand protocols and places to track results. I like that they are on the site for anyone because it’s something that you can go look at and analyze to help decide if this is something you want to try or not. 

Now, does it work? Yes, if you do the work. 

While I didn’t complete the full 6-week program for the 95 MPH and above swing segment, I did enough short and longer-term analysis to say this had a positive impact on me. Short term it’s easy to see the impact of hitting balls with the device. I saw a jump in carry from my normal averages and using a Foresight GC2 a definite jump in ball speed. What I was curious of was longer term benefits, and though I didn’t complete the full 6-weeks, I did in the time I worked with the Aero-Swing track my speeds using a swing speed radar before and after sessions for two weeks, at the end I saw an overall jump of 4.1 MPH. 

Yes, that’s considerable. Now, is part of it me getting more reps in during the winter and grooving things? Maybe it is, but to me that’s just another compliment to the Aero-Swing because it lets you actually use your swing and hit balls while doing it, so that is a win-win. 

I now face the curiosity of the longer term. I’m impressed enough that not only am I going to use it for a full 6-week cycle and report back, but I’m also going to put it into the hands of one of my male and female high school golfers and track them as well, so stay tuned for more on that down the road. 

What do you think? Is this something you could see yourself taking the plunge on to pick up more speed? Let us know either in the comments below or directly on the THP community!

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Price: $34.99 One-Pack, $69.99 Two-Pack

Colors: Black, Green, Pink, Yellow

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