AIDHM K Series Putter with 4Core Technology

You might not have heard of Peter Doyle. You probably have not head of Aidhm Putters either. To tell you about this new putter, it is probably best to start out with the person behind it. Peter Doyle is a professional club maker and fitter in the South East of Ireland that has been awarded the European Clubmaker of the Year Award.

The Master Craftsman started with a background in the engineering field and had an epiphany for the putter that would help you make more putts without a sacrifice in feel. With that, the creation of Ireland’s first bespoke putter brand was born. That brings us back full circle to AIDHM. Pronounced “I AM” translates to mean “To Take Aim”.

Before getting into this K Series Putter, let’s discuss what makes AIDHM putters unique: The 4Core Technology. Speaking with Peter Doyle on the telephone, you can hear the excitement in his Irish accented voice as he talks about the technology. You get the sense through his words that despite being a premier fitter, perfect feel cannot be forgotten about. This is where he believes the K Series putter stands alone.

Looking at the sole of the putter, you see what appears to be 4 weight ports. In actuality, these are not weight ports, but aluminum “plugs” for lack of a better term. The weight removed and then “put back” are largely the same. Behind the aluminum is where the magic happens. A soft polymer is used to create this pure feel and sound at impact that is quite unlike the sensation you get from most milled or even insert putters.

Taking it a step further, the polymer is not just placed on the sole, but comes in across much of the putter sweet spot. Think upwards of 22mm and you get a sense of the middle of the golf ball meets middle of the putter face, and creates a unique sensation to both the hands and ears. That is 4Core Technology, and Doyle feels as though it is one huge advancement in putter design. After spending several weeks with the K Series and rolling hundreds of putts, I am not sure we can disagree.

There are other aspects that complete the package, starting with construction. The head is machined from one piece of carbon steel. It is a 5 Axis CNC Milled design that brings a result that is extremely well balanced and thought out. The milling design on the face is also quite unique and continues with the theme of sound and feel.

The alignment story is rather interesting, four small red dots are centered on the top line matching the “logo” for 4Core Technology. There are also two small white dots along the top line which do a decent job of framing the golf ball. From the setup view (pictured below) you will notice another single red dot, and at setup, if it is not in line with the four at the top, your lie angle is a bit off.

While the plumber’s neck hosel is familiar, the rest of the putter seems to tell an entirely new story. Machining angles into a notchback design, the K Series is industrial, yet refined. Strong, hard edges, yet elegant at the same time, which marries well with the feel at impact, being a strong, but muted sensation.

The finish is dark, eliminating any form of glare, and the black shaft that is paired with it offers a perfect example of balance. AIDHM has added an oversized 4Core grip to the mix that is also black with white lines that mirror the face milling of the putter. The entire package screams premium and well thought out.

The AIDHM K Series Putter is about creating something different and doing so in a way that will be memorable to those that pick it up. For more information, check out their website at

The Details

Available: Now
Cost: $399 Euro ($469 US at time of writing)
Options: Custom length, lie and loft all available

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