Are You Fit To Be King For A Month?


A few months ago, THP gave a preview that King For A Month was coming and throughout that thread added some information kind of explaining what it was and what is going to be happening. Today we are proud to give out the rest of the details and kick off this awesome program with signups.

What Is King For A Month
Each month a lucky THPer will be declared the King and as with most royals, be showered with gifts. Each month will be different and the program will run almost every month in 2016. Think of it like one of those subscription boxes you read about, except a million times more awesome and the subscription price is zero dollars. You might get new clubs one month, or apparel or accessories, or a combination of all of it. You will not know what is coming, but when it comes it will be filled with 100% awesome. Your job will be to review what you receive on THP either in the appropriate review thread or by starting a new one on each product. The choice is yours.

How To Sign Up
Signing up is as easy as telling THP why you are fit to be king. Follow this link and post your response in the THP Forum for a chance to win.

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