Basic Golf Shirt Spring 09 Preview

When it comes to golf shirts, price point plays a major factor in THP’s decision on what to purchase. But many times in our golf style reviews we come to realize that the old saying “you get what you pay for” unfortunately is true. That is until Basic Golf came to us earlier in the year and shattered that theory. When we profiled this company a few months ago it became apparent that we could get the the things we look for in golf shirts for far less than we have been accustomed to paying.

Basic Golf covers every single part of our review criteria to consider it a “must buy”.
1. Good Quality
2. Stylish
3. Good Fit
4. Reasonable Price
5. Good Customer Service

When we were able to review their clothing line last time we were delighted and enthused to have found this company. The shirts they sent to the THP offices were great and we received many emails from readers that felt the exact same way.

We did have one small issue with the company though. That is that Basic Golf did not have enough options in their shirt line. We loved both styles of shirts that they sent us but the choices in colors was just lacking a little bit. It really was the only “con” in this entire review.

However, we were told shortly after the review was published that for Spring 2009 that Basic Golf was going to be adding some new colors to their lineup. This was a great bit of news and they are perfect for people to learn about as we prepare to get ready for spring apparel to start hitting stores early next year.

Spring Fashion Week at THP is all about getting our readers an inside scoop on what to expect in golf apparel the following year. So when we found out that one of our favorite new brands from the 2008 was listening to our readers and adding a few more colors it just fit. Normally our Spring previews involve much more info or articles but we made an exception with Basic Golf, because the shirts are a Must Buy.

So as the Spring Fashion week concludes, let us not forget that this company must not be forgotten. You can read all about them and see their shirts and accessories at Basic Golf.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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