Behind the Scenes at the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show

The PGA Merchandise Show kicks off this morning as the convention center doors will burst open and thousands upon thousands of people will rush through to get a glimpse at all of the booths and learn about the latest and greatest. If you have followed us on social media the last few days (THPGolf Instagram Stories), you have been able to see a few behind the scenes shots of the setup that takes place to make this look like it does when the golf world sees it today.

Now we want to dive in a little deeper behind the curtain and let you see how it takes shape from the decisions to be at the show to the designs that are implemented. Over the last couple of years some have spoken about how all of this might not be necessary or the ROI was not there for companies. This paints the opposite picture and tells the story of just how important this week is for the industry as a whole.

Bridgestone Golf has been vacant from the PGA Show Floor for a bit now, but they have arrived back on the scene and what better way to ask why, then spend a few minutes with the President of Bridgestone Golf, Dan Murphy. They have a new product launch, that you will hear a lot about over the next few days, but this focuses on the brand, the Merchandise Show and why it all matters.

From there you will hear from one of the creative designers of the largest booth of the week, Johnny Rodriguez from Callaway Golf. What goes into the setup, why the long days and nights matter and is it all worth it. We will also take you on a journey with some fun shots of what the show looks like as it is being constructed.

Lastly, we talk with Nate from OGIO and this PGA Show being their first since the relaunch of the brand.

So enjoy the video above and let us know your thoughts on the PGA Merchandise Show in the comments below or in the THP Forum.

Follow along here all week long for up to the minute live looks at the 2019 PGA Show through our staff on the show floor.

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  • I wonder if the PGA show matters for a few of the larger exhibitors. I know their presence draws in the crowds and the smaller companies benefit. But what do the larger companies really get out of the show?

  • Great video! JB doing the HUGS!!!

    Glad to see Dan Murphy back, big things are coming from Bridgestonegolf.

    JRod is crazy, but awesome – does he also design the Ogio booth?

    Awesome having Ogio there for the relaunch.

  • I think the show matters as it is a unique opportunity for the big OEMs to listen to their Sales partners about what works and what doesn’t and about what they need to sell the individual product. Great interviews Josh!!!

  • Great video. Can’t wait to see what other content is created this week.

  • Really glad that Bridgestone is investing time and energy again in ball fitting. Great interviews! I personally think the social media boom has lessened the impact of the PGA Show a little. I still really enjoy following it, but most of what is featured at the show has already been revealed through social media so I believe that lessens the wow factor a bit.

  • LOVE the back stage pass feel to this video!!

  • THP is a better place with JRod! Awesome behind the scenes look at the show and its importance!

  • That was cool to get a feel of what it takes to set up one of those big booths. Great information as always

  • Love seeing Bridgestone back at the PGA Merchandise Show!!

  • 20000sq ft… damn Callaway

  • Great content JB. Love that Bridgestone is back at the show. I think it is a miss when a manufacturer elects to skip the show.

  • […] that follow this website know that we caught up with him at the PGA Merchandise Show in January to ask specifically about returning and the convention in general. During that show, the energy was […]

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