Behind The Content: Bridgestone Golf

Back in January, Bridgestone Golf had arguably their biggest golf ball release to date. Part of any launch of this magnitude is strategic marketing and that includes the social media that is very forward facing. For some, the people behind these keyboards are just ghosts, for others, getting to know them opens up an avenue of communication and personalization that didn’t exist prior.

Today, we are introducing people to Adam Rehberg, the person behind that account for Bridgestone Golf. We sent over some questions to Adam, and asked that he film a quick segment on his backyard golf hole that he created. What he sent back was pure gold Jerry and you will not want to miss this.

Join Adam and Henry as they dive into how he got into golf, where the passion comes from and gives you a small tour of what working from home is like during this unique time in our country.

Any fan of Jerry Seinfeld will immediately pick up on the intro of Comedians in Cars drinking Coffee. Adam plays this to perfection and has his son play the part of Seinfeld doing the interview. If this doesn’t give you an idea of the person behind the keyboard, not much will.

Next time you are on the social media outlet of your choice, give Adam a virtual high five through either his personal accounts (@rehbirdie) or the Bridgestone Golf account.

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