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Ben Hogan Golf made big news when it returned to the stage at the PGA Merchandise Show just a couple of years ago. Releasing new irons with classic designs and following that up in 2016 with the PTx irons that were quite popular on the THP Forum.

Today, THP can confirm that Ben Hogan Golf has laid off all employees and might be closing their doors. We will be following this story closely as the 2017 year rolls on. You can follow along with updates and give your thoughts on this news in the THP Forum here.

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  1. Jacob says:

    Oh crud! I was given a 22-iron from THP earlier this year and it is by far my favorite club. The feel is just perfect for me. I was hoping to eventually get a whole set but that might be dashed (or super expensive due to supply). Can’t believe they didn’t do better given their pedigree…

  2. ASN21 says:

    Sad way to kick off the New Year for Ben Hogan. I was looking forward to hitting some of their offerings in 2017.

  3. KEV says:

    Man, such a bummer but I can’t say it’s totally surprising. Without having a large retail or marketing presence it was an uphill battle.

  4. mpeterson says:

    That stinks to hear. All of the equipment I’ve tried has been great – especially the PTx irons and the VKTR hybrids.

    The equipment business is a tough one.

  5. Tider992010 says:

    Sorry to see that. Really good company but Golf Industry keeps shrinking!!!!! No growth.

  6. tequila4kapp says:

    Well crap. That sucks for a whole bunch of great people at Hogan. And it is unfortunate that consumers will have one less option for great gear.

  7. JohnSinVA says:

    Will be sad to see them go. They offered some excellent products, but golf equipment is an incredibly difficult space in which to compete.

  8. Alex B says:

    You hate to read stories like this. I was pretty excited for Ben Hogan with their releases last year and I’m trying to pickup a vktr. I just hope all the employees land on their feet and hopefully Ben Hogan can make a come back.

  9. Mitch Stockdale says:

    OMG!!!!!!! I was scheduled to have a plant visit and receive a full fitting there next month. I demoed their irons back in October and really liked the PXT Irons.

  10. Minh Nguyen says:

    That sucks. I hope all those employees find new jobs ASAP.

  11. thechosen1 says:

    This stinks but I can honestly say I was never really interested in them as a company

  12. hackernation says:

    Re-organizing and laying off workers is 🙁

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