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No matter how old you are, if you play golf you’ve probably experienced some sort of aches and/or pains while playing this great sport. If you haven’t well, trust me, you will. There’s a lot of different remedies on the market to address these aches and pains but are any of them effective let alone portable to keep in your golf bag without potentially getting all over the place? Well there’s a product called Biofreeze that already has a strong following in the golfing community however it’s changed slightly since it was first introduced. How so? Check it out.

Did You Know?– Biofreeze was first introduced to the world by a medical professional who was searching for a way to help his grandmother manage her arthritis pain.

• Ultra portable
• No mess application
• Provides pain relief to sore muscles, eases back/shoulder/neck pain, reduces ankle/knee/hip/elbo pain
• Easy disposal

Biofreeze single come in small, single packets barely bigger than a postage stamp. This makes them extremely portable and easy to stash in you bag or even in your pockets. If you want to keep them in your golf bag but fear that they may get lost amongst all the things you already have in your bag, the box that they come on is relatively small as well and should be able to keep the little packets of cooling goodness separate from everything else while easily dispensing them.

Testing Biofreeze was pretty simple. Find a part of my body that hurt, apply Biofreeze, see what happens. The little packets are really easy to use. You take one and pinch it in half between your index finger and thumb which breaks the seal where the solution is which gets absorbed onto the small, gauze-like pad. The solution goes on virtually odorless, no mess, and with a fast rate of absorption. There’s a good amount of the solution as well so you don’t need to worry about using multiple packets to cover and area unless you’re really hurting. I always found one packet to be enough for whatever aches and pains I was experiencing at the time. As I’ve gotten older I’ve noticed that no matter how much I try to take care of my body I still end up with some aches and pains. Usually those aches and pains are centered around my shoulders, ankles, lower back, and wrists. I’ve never bothered using any sort of topical treatment for these ailments and while I take prescription medications for some of these ailments, I still ache. I decided to test out Biofreeze two ways, during a round of golf and after a round of golf. While the end result was primarily the same, how I got to that end result was different.

During my testing period I paid attention to where my aches and pains first started to appear and tried to remedy them mid-round. As the aches and pains intensified, out came the Biofreeze. When you stop and first apply it to your body, you don’t really feel anything at all. However when you start to move around again you feel the air almost ‘activate’ the cooling feature of the solution which provides immediate and comfortable relief, albeit for a small period of time. When I applied it to my normal trouble areas listed above, it seemed like the constant motion of me walking or swinging didn’t give the Biofreeze time to really absorb into the area and get to work. I’d feel good initially but then after a bit I’d still experience some pain but not as much as I had before putting it on. This was especially true on muscles that were in constant motion which didn’t seem to allow the solution to absorb in fully to do its job.

Where Biofreeze was really ‘cool’ was when I applied it to trouble spots after a round when I was at rest after a round of golf. This is where I could really feel it go to work on me. After the solution dried on my skin I could feel the area where I applied it subtly getting cooler and the pain going away. This was very helpful in my main trouble areas of the lower back, ankles, neck and shoulders. These areas get the most abuse from me so they got the most treatment and the Biofreeze always lived up to the task. Now it wasn’t the ultimate cure like a solid days rest would be like or even a massage but in the realm of ‘instant, temporary relief’ this is king and a great solution. Joint pain and muscle pain are treated equally well by Biofreeze and that means good things for golfers.

For those who do not want to go through the hassle of using creams, etc that could get all over your bag, glove, grips, etc. Biofreeze is a really good alternative. It’s not a complete cure-all but it’s hard to argue with the temporary and portable relief that Biofreeze can offer to a golfer experiencing pain out on the course or range. Log onto to see where your nearest practioner is in your respective area that carries these 10 packet retail boxes. Relief is only a pinch away for you. It won’t take the pain away from playing a bad round but it will take the pain away associated with that bad round for you.

T. Hanks

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  • Great review, and I want to thank you for letting me use a biofreeze packet during our round together. This stuff didn’t work too well for me, but perhaps it was because I put it on during the round, not afterwards.

  • Nice review there Todd and thanks for going into a good bit of detail on the ability to use this “on the fly” and just how well it works.

    Sounds like a solid product for the post round aches, my only issue has been finding them locally the few times I have looked but guess I need to check out their website!

  • I loved this observation “Testing Biofreeze was pretty simple. Find a part of my body that hurt, apply Biofreeze, see what happens.” it made me smile to read this, but it is absolutely the only way. I agree with others that it sounds to be just the product for post round aches and pains. Solid review Todd, thanks.

  • Good stuff on the blue stuff. I like the idea of no mess packets with the same affects as spreading the gel. Nice informative review.

  • I like the idea quite a bit, and the product really does work. This is much better than the little ketchup packets that it comes in some times. Those can get kind of messy and wouldn’t be very good in a golf bag. Nice job, Hanks!

  • Solid write up Hanks, I already use the product just need to find the little packs to add to my golfbag

  • Great writeup as usual. I like the idea and would love to try it. My arm is killing me today for some reason.

  • Great write up Hanks. I am immediately highly interested in this and will be picking some up first chance I get. I have been struggling quite a bit from back pain and while most of the time on the course it stays loose and I’m ok it’s after the rounds that I’m dying. Sounds like Biofreeze is a great option for me. Thanks for the great review!

  • I’ve been using BioFreeze for years. It’s an awesome product.

  • BioFreeze is a great product. This new no mess application looks like a great product.

  • Interesting how small it is compared to other patches. I’ll have to check it out.

  • I’m in the same boat as Puttin4Bird. My back is loads better than it used to be, but sometimes, especially after a long day at work, something like BioFreeze would be great.

  • Todd gave me one of these during the outing and told me to use it on my sore elbow. I was VERY skeptical at first, but impressed about 5 mins later. This stuff works just as it says it will. Best part about it, your hands stay clean and grease free. Since you’re just holding the packaging the whole time, I didnt have to worry about washing my hands before my next swing.

  • Good review, I have been using BioFreeze for years and years, especially when I was a pitcher in baseball. I am going to have to pick some of these up to try out. Seems much easier than the messy bottle method.

  • Good review. I have been using Biofreeze for a few years and I love it. For me, it has helped with low back pain after a looong day at the range or after multiple days in a row of golfing. My back does not normally hurt as much as it once did, but after putting it through the abuse it has recieved over the years, I guess it is to be expected. Biofreeze has certainly helped reduce the soreness.

  • Good review Todd! These small packs need to go in my golf bag, gym bag and/or vehicle.
    I use the roll-on Bio-freeze routinely. It is a quality product that works.

  • Biofreeze rocks! Been using it for a few years. Didn’t know about the no mess singles until now. I’m sure it’ll be worth whatever price they want for it.

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