Bliss Men’s Skin Care Line Review

Bliss is a little different than the other brands that we have covered. Let me start with a little history:

Founded in 1996, the first Bliss spa, in New York City’s SoHo, was spotted by beauty-obsessed buzz-makers and quickly massaged its way to the top. Bliss ignited a modern spa revolution by combining a clever menu of super-effective services and a fun, ‘no-attitude’ atmosphere. With trademark touches like rhythm and blues tunes (much more soothing than ‘whale music’), a brownie buffet (carrot sticks just don’t cut it) and the friendliest, most talented staff on the planet, it’s no wonder they have gained a gaggle of grooming groupies over the years.

So after millions of massages and treatments, Bliss decided to create a skin care line that is a wonderful addition to the vast array of products gracing the shelves of stores. Why do they stand out? One thing comes to mind…
Have you ever gone into a spa for a massage and felt out of place? You look around and realize that you are the only guy in the place and start to feel uncomfortable. Well, at their spas, that just does not happen. It is a very unpretentious place that is their to pamper you. Heck, that is what you are there for, why feel uncomfortable. Their service is amazing. More on that later.
Their products do the same thing. They scream “Look at me” & “I’m Fun”. Bliss took the approach that if you make a product that works and add fun and easy to use to the equation, you have a winner.

With all that in place, we decided that they were a product line that we would have to try and review for the golfers out there. So we contacted Stephanie in Marketing and she was fabulous. She spoke to me about the Bliss line and about products that the average golfer would find use for. A couple of days later the package arrived and in it were products that fit what the golfer needs. We will go through each product as usual and give our overall impression of the line. One thing I want to add before getting into the actual review was their customer service. Bliss has one of the best groups of customer service I have ever encountered. It started with the marketing and PR dept, but went much further. I had a question about one of the products so I just called the 1800 number on the back of the package, and even they were fabulous. It is a rarity to see these days unfortunately, so I just felt as though it needed to be mentioned. Now onto the products!

First up was the bar of soap that was sent. I want to say a couple of things about this bar before going into actual use of the product. It is called the Mammoth Minty Scrub Soap for a reason.
1. This is the biggest and heaviest bar of soap I have ever seen or used. The thing is HUGE!
2. It smells fantastic. It packs a wallop of peppermint.
So I hop into the shower and bring this giant bar of goodness with me. One side of the bar is normal and the other side has bumps on it (for extra scrubbing I figured). The first thing I noticed is the lather it produced was unbelievable. The bar is also a little gritty for exfoliation. For us guys that means your skin will feel fantastic. While washing you get this nice chill from the peppermint. It was quite invigorating! I came out of the shower feeling unbelievably CLEAN! One thing I would like to note though. The bar is definitely too big to bring with you to the course or gym if that is where you get ready. I would love it if they made these in smaller sizes as well. Bliss makes four scents in this soap. You can check out all of the scents and other products here

After showering it was on to the next product which was Naked Body Butter. It is a maximum moisture cream that is completely unscented. Now, I have never used “body butter” and if you had asked me 2 weeks ago, I would have told you I never would. I also would not have known what it was. I have to admit when I heard the term I was not sure it was “appropriate” for The Hackers Paradise. I used as directed and at first I was not sure I was going to like it. It seemed a little “moist” on my skin. But once it absorbs, your skin has a certain glow about it. (yeah, I can’t explain it either) But what I found is that when I went on to the course, after my round, my skin did not feel as dry. I had never really put much thought into these kind of things, but they do work. I liked that it was unscented. They also have scents available, but I felt as though the scents were more geared towards women than men. If you have any type of dry skin, this could be your answer! It worked quite well.

Now I moved onto a product that I actually could not wait to try. I always love to demo and review each and every product that we get, but this one just stuck in my head. It is called Fabulous Foaming Face Wash. Why did I want to try it? Because the smell was intoxicating. It was a smell like nothing I had ever smelled before. Now I know this was not their intention, but here was what the scent made me think of…A mix between children’s candy, fruit punch, and flowers all rolled into one. But at the same time still light scented enough to be used by men. So when I finally got the chance to try it I didn’t know if I was supposed to taste it or use it. But before shaving I decided to just use it as directed. It cleaned my face like nothing I had found before. But the key for me was that it seemed to also moisturize a little as to prepare my face for the shave. It was absolutely amazing. Have I mentioned that this stuff smelled good? I always tell the readers if you do not want to try everything reviewed and want to only try one item…GET THIS ONE! It can be used by both men and women and is amazing stuff. Guys, buy it for your significant other. Then you get “credit” and can use it all at the same time…(I’m here to help).

Now it is time for shaving. This shaving cream that they sent sounded very technical. Homme Improvement Thermal Shaving Cream. I was a little skeptical when looking at the ingredients. I mean I love marshmallows, but on my face? As the golfer guinea pig that I am (here to serve) I got through it. I am glad I did. This is different than anything I had ever used? I squeezed about a quarter sized amount into my palm and worked it in circular motions onto my face. I couldn’t believe it. When it touches your skin, the shaving cream actually HEATS UP! It has a great warm sensation and makes your pores open up for a closer shave. I liked the product a lot and felt it was a great way for someone like me with a thick beard to shave without having to completely soak my face in a hot towel before shaving. No nicks or cuts either. A product that anyone that has a thick beard like me will want to try.

The last step in this “Bliss-full” morning was the Post Shave Repair Lotion. This product one a Men’s Health Grooming Award in 2008. It comes in an easy to use pump container and was delightful. It is not just After Shave. It is there to help prevent against ingrown hairs as well as minimize your 5 O’clock shadow. It brought my skin back to a state that felt like I had not even shaved. It was a wonderful product that has just a hint of scent to it. Almost a “freshness” smell. Together this and the shaving cream are a great one-two punch that really takes the chore out of shaving each morning.

Overall we had a great lineup with our Bliss products. The Fabulous Foaming Face Wash is now permanantly in my bathroom and all of the products are going to be used by me again. Bliss is a company that can flat out MAKE US FEEL BETTER. In the end that is what it is all about. I would love to see them put together a travel pack for us men. Where we get a mini soap bar and the rest of the products included. That would then be one of the ideal packs for the golfers of the world. I urge everyone to check them out. You can find all of their products at Bliss Spa Locations, online, or Nordstroms. I hope you all check them out. They will not disappoint.

Till Next Time

Josh B

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