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Recently, Boccieri Golf has further developed their grip lines to reach a broader array of preferences. With the growing popularity of counter-balanced putters they have decided to expand their Secret Putter Grip lineup through the understanding that their backweighted grips can allow golfers to have the same benefits as the fully counter-balanced options entering the market, but without having to sacrifice their favorite putters.

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Last year Boccieri introduced their first putter grip at 155g, which was the equivalent of a midsized pistol putter grip. This year they adding a standard 100g model that is more in line with a tour preferred size and shape as well as a 165g jumbo model. THP was able to get the newest additions in hand in order to get a more thorough look at just what they bring to the table.


About the Secret Putter Grips:

Much like their putters, Boccieri says the Secret Grip:

  • Provides more stability without anchoring.
  • Quiets your hands.
  • Gives better distance control.
  • Promotes a smooth pendulum stroke.

Secret Putter Grip – Standard

  • 100 gram total weight
  • Tungsten weight cap
  • Available in black/green
  • $19.99

Secret Putter Grip – Jumbo

  • 165 gram total weight
  • Tungsten weight cap
  • Available in black/green
  • $24.99


The two newest additions to the Secret Putter Grip line are both currently available only in Boccieri’s signature black and green scheme. The shapes themselves are in the traditional pistol style that has come to be considered the standard for most golfers. The grips feature harder/sharper edges down the front of the grip paddle which is very much in line with this type of shape. Unique to the Secret Grips however is a perforated texture on the rear of the grips where the fingers rest. This not only aesthetically breaks up the design with its green color, but also allows for additional tack when in hand through a variety of playing conditions. It is also worth noting that thanks to the grips’ traditional style, installation is no different than that of a typical putter grip.



The standard and oversized Secret Putter Grips were each installed on different heads, one a traditional 340g headweight and the other a much more modern 370g. The purpose of this was to get a better estimation of the overall weighting of the grips and their effectiveness in influencing the overall stability.


The essence of the backweighted design is that it can do to any standard putter what the fully counter-balanced models out there do, but in a less extreme manner as it pertains to head-weights and grip sizes/lengths. The additional weight in the grip allows for the balance point of the setup to move slightly towards the hands and away from the putter head. This is intended to increase the overall stability through the stroke by engaging the larger muscles and taking the hands out of the equation. Because these grips retain a more traditional size/shape, the tungsten weight is used in coordination with a specially formulated rubber that is a heavier density than typical to allow a greater weight distribution throughout instead of it all being in the butt of the grip.


Time spent with the standard and jumbo Secret Grips did show a noticeable difference in the overall feel throughout the stroke. What is evident from testing each of the grips on two differently weighted putters is that how beneficial the performance traits are will come back to the user and their individual preferences. For this reviewer, both grips worked better when used with the 370g head, as the feeling of the head was lessened, but not to the degree of the 340g head which felt almost lost throughout the stroke. However, this may be completely different for someone else. 


Parting Thoughts:

No matter the personal preference aspect, the bottom line is that the Secret Putter Grips do exactly what they are intended to do. Most notably, they provide the back-weighting/counter-balancing effects which are growing in popularity within a package that will allow golfers to utilize their favorite putters rather than necessitating the purchase of an entirely new setup. While it has been established that back-weighting is not a new idea, the availability and accessibility that Boccieri is offering in their Secret Grips line introduces it to golfers who otherwise may have never learned about it.

More information on the entire line of Secret Grips and locations that carry them can be found on the Boccieri website at

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  1. Ryan Hawk says:

    Good work James. I found the same thing with the midsize – it’s much better if you have a head heavy putter. Great way to go CB on the cheap while still using a putter you like.

  2. Jersey Nate says:

    Wonderful review, James. Definitely pondering one of these post-MC to try on my Smart Square, as it seems to be an easy counterbalance option!

  3. IceyShanks says:

    Well done James! I’ve really enjoyed the regular secret grips on my wedges in the past, glad to see they’ve kept the performance going with the putter line. With all the new CB platforms out there, this really allows you to make any putter a CB version with just changing the grip, sounds quite easy!

  4. #Cookie says:

    Solid review James!

    Sounds like the product is working as designed but it may take trial and error to find the right balance dependent on putter head.

    This seems like a great option for the golfer that wants to try CB without getting a new putter or finding another ingenious way to add weight.

  5. DawgDaddy says:

    Well done James, Boccieri is certainly the ‘gold standard’ in weighted grips. Good info buddy.

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