Breaking Down the Mizuno Pro Irons

Late last year, the new Mizuno Pro irons were officially announced and hit the market in some areas, while others they dropped just a couple of months ago. If you missed our preview on the Mizuno Pro 241, 243 or 245 irons, you can find it here.

Since that time, golfers have been able to get their hands on them and the reviews on the THP Forum have been stellar. That always leads to questions, and what better way to break them down than to visit Mizuno HQ and chat about the line.

We wanted to get a little more info on how they compare and what makes the Mizuno Pro 241, 243 and 245 irons unique. Chris Voshall from Mizuno Golf walks us through the entire lineup and helps you identify which set would be best in your bag.

Which Mizuno Pro set do you think would fit you best? Could you see yourself putting together a combo set of Mizuno Pro 245 mixed in with some 243 and 241? Do you think you would combo at all or go straight through on any of the sets?

For more information on any of the irons discussed in the video, check out their website at

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