No one would deny that Cobra Golf isn’t necessarily known for their wedges, but that has never been due to performance as THP’er feedback has constantly been positive with each and every iteration brought to market. With SNAKEBITE as well as SNAKEBITE-X, however, they have created a tandem which gives options to golfers of all skill levels and people are taking notice more and more. 

Today, Cobra Golf isn’t reinventing those two lines, rather they are expanding them. This is a place where, as a brand, you can argue that Cobra has always been more in-tune with how to elongate the lifetime of their wedges to keep them relevant well past the initial releases. 

Cobra Snakebite Raw

Cobra SNAKEBITE-X Wedge Expansion

The SNAKEBITE-X was Cobra’s foray into producing a true game improvement wedge which was a standalone versus simply being a part of their game-improvement iron sets. The key here is the “Hollow Cavity Back Design” of the clubhead which also uses a soft TPU material to keep the feel golfers want while gaining the forgiveness of the CB.

In the initial release, the SNAKEBITE-X was limited to 48, 52, 56, and 60 degree options, this expansion is changing that by adding 50, 54, and 58 degree lofts that will give even more blending opportunities for golfers. More options in a more forgiving wedge are always a welcome addition. 

Cobra SNAKEBITE RAW Wedge Expansion

On THP, there were many who were a bit saddened to see that there was not initially a raw option when the latest SNAKEBITE wedges were released. Today, those of us who were in that camp get to rejoice as Cobra has listened to their consumers as well as stayed true to their wedge roots and will be offering the wedges in a non-plated RAW finish. 

The wedges themselves offer all of the same technology as the other finishes, including the CNC Groove Milling with progressive widths and depths depending on the loft. They also offer the same traditional length grooves on the 48-54 and full-face grooves from 56-60 degrees. The SNAKEBITE RAW finish will be available in all three grinds (Versatile, Classic, Widelow) which keeps a wide range of fitting capabilities intact. 

The Details

Both the SNAKEBITE-X expansion and SNAKEBITE RAW wedges will be available for order starting today, 3/8/24. The price on the X will come in at $159 while the RAW settle in at $179. 

Be sure to jump into the comments below or directly on the THP Community to let us know just what you think about Cobra’s latest wedge expansions. 

For more information, check out their website at

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