Honma T//World W5 Wedges

In case you missed it, Honma Golf is still very much committed to expanding their presence stateside, specifically with their T//World (Tour World) offerings. This year, they are bringing the next generation of what was a popular wedge among those who were able to give it a go. The new T//World W5 Wedges seek to again show golfers that Honma is not just flash, but also high-end craftsmanship and substance. 

Honma T//World W5 Wedges finishes

Honma T//World W5 Wedges

According to Honma, the W5’s are an “enhanced” release that considered feedback from golfers of all abilities as opposed to just Tour players. What resulted is a slightly larger footprint than in past versions. That size is what allowed them to incorporate various design aspects which not only added playability, but repositioned weight for optimal CG placement to ensure “better aim and impact”. 

Honma T//World W5 Wedges

There are two very different finish options available on the W5 wedges, a classic satin chrome as well as an eye-catching brushed copper. What is more interesting is each finish is also a different design when it comes to the faces. The satin version uses Honma’s traditional double milling pattern while the brushed copper heads implement full face grooves. Those grooves in the copper W5 have a “protrusion-shaped RIB” that sits between the score lines to add the same bite and grip which the satin versions double-milling achieves. 

Honma T//World W5 Wedges

Honma will be offering three different sole choices as well, the I, C, and S. The I-Sole (48, 50, 52 – 8 degrees of bounce and 54 with 10 degrees) has slight trail edge relief for full sole performance with better interaction through the turf. The C-Sole (56, 58, 60 – 12 degrees of bounce) is exactly what you expect from a C-grind with ample heel-toe relief for versatility. Finally, the S-Sole (56, 58, 60 – 8 degrees of bounce) is the widest sole offering and it offers “four-way relief” for more playability and forgiveness from more situations. 

The face of both wedges

The Details

Honma’s new T//W W5 wedges will be available beginning today, 3/12/24. Each wedge will be paired with the brands exclusive VIZARD IB wedge shaft which is designed for lower launch and high-spin with consistent loft at impact. The Satin Chrome version will be priced at $209 while the Brushed Copper will be $229. 

Stay tuned as THP will have more coming on the new T//W W5 wedges very soon. 

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