Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Ball Review

The golf ball market is a competitive one and companies are looking for ways to improve upon products for more distance, more spin around the green and a product that feels soft at impact to the golfer. Callaway has created something designed to cover all of the bases with the Chrome Soft golf ball and THPers were some of the first consumers anywhere to try them out. At the bottom of this article, will be a link where you can find reviews from golfers that have had a chance to test out the ball that Callaway claims will redefine the category.

Chrome Soft golf ball

What They Say
Chrome Soft has completely redefined the golf ball, and led the way for an entirely new category. It’s the only ball that has the SoftFast Core with low compression and the Tour Urethane cover. This leads to low spin off the tee for maximum ball speed and exceptional distance, it lets you compress the ball on iron shots for incredibly soft feel, and it provides excellent control and consistency so you can get aggressive on shots into the green.

No other ball combines all of these things in one package, and our optimized aerodynamics makes it even longer. With Chrome Soft, you don’t have to choose between feel and hitting it farther anymore.

Technical Specs
Low Spin Off The Tee For Exceptional Distance
Low spin off the driver for maximum ball speed and distance with the SoftFast Core. The core is the key to long, straight distance off the tee, and our optimized HEX Aerodynamics makes Chrome Soft even longer by reducing drag and increasing lift.

Chrome Soft golf ball

Low Compression For Incredibly Soft Feel
The low 65 compression lets you compress the ball on iron shots for incredibly soft feel, and it’s amazing around the greens.

Excellent Control
A high level of control for aggressive shots into the green comes from soft feel and the Tour Urethane Cover. It’s built for consistency on every shot.

What THPers Say
Could this be the ball that changed the ball? Early testing by THPers at multiple events over the last few months have shown something incredibly intriguing. A ball that is long off the tee, soft at impact and spins great around the greens. Sounds like the holy grail of golf balls and brings memories of the wound balata balls that people still rave about.

Chrome Soft Yellow 12 ball box

THPers seem to look for four items in regards to their golf ball.
Low Spin Off the Tee
Adequate Spin Around The Green
Durable Cover

While some of these items meld together such as distance and low spin off the tee, for many golfers they are describing different things. There have not been many balls that can put a check mark next to each of those items and Callaway believes that the Chrome Soft can do that very thing. Want to hear more about these golf balls from golfers just like you? Click the link below to see the reviews of the Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball and when you get a chance to try them out, join the conversation with your own reviews.

Click Here For Callaway Chrome Soft Reviews

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  • I am looking forward to this ball and putting it in play.

  • I need to give these a try, sounds like it has what I didn’t get from the Supersoft.

  • If the durability has been solved in sold! Throw in low spin off the tee & soft feel, Callaway has another hit which is no surprise. I can’t wait to try this out.

  • Will be looking to give this a go

  • This sounds like a great ball and look, it even comes in my favorite ball color…Yellow ! I can’t wait to try these.

  • Sounds like it will be Callaway’s version of the Project (a), definitely will recommend it to customers, heck would probably even be a pretty good winter ball for myself, who am I kidding it would be a good year round ball.

  • Yes! I do believe that I will be giving the yellow Chrome Softs a try, can’t wait to see how they perform for me.

  • Really really excited to give these a try.

  • This sounds like the ball that I would want in the bag for 2015. I’ve played the Chrome abs Chrome +, but have moved to a lower compression ball for the past 6 months. This sounds like the ball that I have been looking for. Look forward to putting these in play.

  • Can’t wait to put those yellow ones in play. Long off the tee and soft around the greens is rare and I can’t wait to put it alongside the SR2 and B330 models to see how it compares.

  • The Chrome Soft really impressed me at the Grandaddy and I really look forward to playing it more we get through the winter months.

  • Any mention of a price point? These do sound like Callaway’s answer to the Project (a) and if they perform as well, or better … they will have a solid ball on their hand.

  • Definitely not a Project a counterpoint. Nobody bought the Project a to begin with. If anything the Project a was a take off of the original Chrome or one of the Bridgestone balls, or even a Pro V1.

    This ball looks to be new in the sense that it might be the lowest out there compression wise for a ball in its class.

  • Can’t wait to put my trial sleeve into play when the opportunity presents itself. Rolling putts along side the past 3 gamers of mine (Chrome+,SR3,and B330) I really liked it. Also looking forward to others thoughts.

  • The Bridgestone RX is 65 compression as well. This chrome soft is nothing new to the market. Bridgestone has been using soft core technology for years. This chrome soft packaging looks strangely familiar as well…….

  • I like what I’m reading about this ball and have a been a super fan of the Supersoft, so I’ll definitely be giving these a try.

  • As I now play the Callaway SS, I am very interested in trying these out.

  • I’m a huge fan of this ball already. It’s durable, long and has amazing feel around the greens, on the greens, away from the greens. It just might be the best ball ever.

  • Game changer! Need yellow stat.

  • I have to agree with Goose on this one…Bridgestone came out with this ball 6 years ago. All of the features mentioned and performance characteristics are exactly like the B330-RX, so I’m not sure how they are “breaking new ground” or have redefined the golf ball. What is strange is they are not claiming it’s better than the RX or that the Chrome Soft will be targeting the same player who uses the RX…they act like the RX or RXS doesn’t even exists!

  • Would someone be kind enough to explain the difference between the Bridgstone RX which is 65 compression and the Callaway Chrome Soft. They are marketing the Chrome Soft as something new when the RX has been around for quite some time. AND, by no means that long off the driver! Is there a difference we don’t know about or is Callaway just copying the RX and marketing as something innovative?

  • I Goggled the cost to manufacture a golf ball and the ProV1 came up at costing 0.30 per ball to manufacture. Of course I realize there are other costs associated with making golf balls. Golf balls are only one product and many big name manufacturers produce more than just golf balls.
    How about doing something to GROW the game of golf. Lowering the price of the one product that everyone uses, THE BALL ! Making balls more affordable would benefit everyone. I know it would speed up play. I’m not dropping another 4 dollar ProV1 when I cant find mine in the long grass, I’m taking my 5 minutes and looking ! Sorry group behind ! I saw Lee Trevino walking the edge of a pond during an event last year looking for lost balls. Its that bad !

  • I have now played both the new Titleist Pro V1 (2015) and the Callaway Chrome Soft. I must say that they are both fantastic balls.

    The Chrome Soft was exceptional. I hit some of my longest tee shots (driver) with this ball. My approach shots were sticking fairly well … maybe just a notch less than the Pro V1’s. However, the feel is incredible … it is so soft off my putter that I could have sworn that it was a balata ball!

    I grew up with persimmon drivers and balata balls and remember how they felt! The good news, these balls are durable. I played an entire round with the same ball with nary a scar …the cover held up nicely from my wedges, etc. and doesn’t need to be retired.

    Of course, I did not hit any cart paths so I don’t know how they will hold up to “road rash”.

    One last major point … they are about 1/3rd less in price than the 2015 version of the Pro V1/Pro V1x.

    This ball really can challenge the Pro V lineup.

  • Having used Callaway Chrome Plus balls for a year or so now I was curious to see whether the hype for the new Chrome Soft was warranted. Pleased to say that it is: the Chrome Soft is a gem of a ball. Brilliant on and around the green, and plenty of snap off the driver and f/way metals. Also holds better with short iron shots to the green – and the greens at my club are hot at the moment.

    With the high compression composition, the ball seems to hang onto the clubface for a nano-second longer, then comes off with a great sound and feel.

    Finally a ball really worth winning in the Wednesday Pro Comp.

  • Thanks for the review.
    Will use then write my opinion

  • As Drumdog said, it comes in Yellow and that’s the cherry on top for me.

    I have 3 dzn ready and waiting to be played this season. They sound soft enough to play even early in the season when temps are still on the cooler side here in Michigan.

    Only white ball in the bag this season will be if I find one on the course and then it will make it into the box of other practice balls lol.


  • I have played the Bridgestone RX for 5 years now. This ball is different for a couple of reasons. First off, a little softer feel off of the clubhead hits. It does take some getting used to; at times, feel is lacking. Secondly, I have found it to be 2-5 yards longer off of my Driver(2011 R-11. 11 degree loft; neutral settings). Yet, the Callaway is about 2-5 yards shorter off of my irons. BUT,,,,It does stick much faster when it hits the green(even out of the rough). Putting the Callaway is like pudding to me. VERY soft, at times even mushy. The ball does propel off of my clubhead faster than the Bridgestone did; it takes getting used to. I recall having less difficulty adjusting to the Bridgestone Ball when it first came out. Verdict is still out, but I definitely prefer the Callaway when the temperature gets colder than 60 degrees. Take this for whatever it is worth.

  • I got the Chrome Soft as a Christmas present and just got around to trying them. Like Tom Watson, they surprised me. Consistently 15-20 yards longer throughout the bag. I have to recalibrate my irons and fairway woods.

    Didn’t notice much “bite” on the greens, but I guess that’s the reduced spin. Got a good look at the inside when the brain-dead mower ran over my ball – just a few feet off the fairway. Not so durable against a whirling blade!

    Over-all, they’re LOOOOOONG! If you’re looking for more distance, give them a try.

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