Callaway Epic Flash vs Epic Flash Sub Zero

Fresh off another win on the PGA Tour by newly signed Molinari, the Callaway Epic Flash driver line continues to shine. We wanted to dive in deeper with the lineup and compare the Epic Flash to Epic Flash Sub Zero and give you everything you want to know about performance.

Range Days debuted a month ago and if you missed the first three episodes, you can find them in our THP TV section or on YouTube under @THPGolf. Episode 4 is upon us and we take a deep dive into the new Callaway drivers. We tested them thoroughly and are bringing you all of the data and a whole lot more.

However Range Days is not just about showing the data and the swings. In this episode JB and Dan break down each strike and explain why the performance you are seeing is taking place and what to expect out of the equipment you are testing. How does this new Epic Flash line fare and how do they compare to each other? Watch here to find out.

What did you think of Episode 4 and/or the new Epic Flash drivers? Leave us a comment below, or join us in the THP Forum thread to discuss this episode.

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  • Great thoughts Dan and Josh! I love the addition of the movable weight port in the sub zero model this year. That laugh brought me back Cap! Swing looks great and the Sub Zero looks like it belongs in your hands (285+ CARRY average is stupid good – not surprised though)!

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