Callaway HEX Chrome+ Golf Ball Preview

Today, Callaway Golf is announcing their latest addition to an already solid line of golf balls. It’s called the HEX Chrome+ and early feedback has been outstanding.

Product Information from Callaway

HEX Chrome+ is Callaway’s fastest urethane covered golf ball.

Played by Pros such as Gary Woodland, HEX Chrome+ is a Tour performance golf ball that delivers high ball speeds for maximum distance at mid to high clubhead speeds, especially with the driver. This ball’s dual mantle unlocks distance by increasing speed and minimizing spin off the tee, while the soft TPU cover promotes Tour-level control and feel in this powerful 4-piece performance ball.

“HEX Chrome+ is hands down this is the fastest Tour Ball we’ve ever designed at Callaway and quite possibly our longest.  This new 4-piece construction has a single-piece core and dual-mantle system that were designed in unison to create more ball speed with the longer clubs without generating excessive spin, leading to longer distance. However, what makes the distance of this golf ball special is its soft DuraSpin cover, which can also be found in our premium 5-piece dual-core golf balls.  This urethane cover material not only has great durability, but provides exceptional ‘Tour-level’ control around the green that the best players in the world demand in a premium ball.”

                – Dave Bartels, Senior Director, Golf Ball R&D, Callaway Golf Company

Features and Benefits

Fast Core

This extremely fast core leads to more distance over a wide range of clubs and swing speeds

Dual Mantle

The thin inner and outer mantles work together to produce more ball speed and reduce spin, especially off the tee

The dual-mantle system allows golfers to unlock maximum distance with the driver

DuraSpin™ Cover

The soft cover promotes Tour-level control on approach shots and shots around the green

This proprietary cover formulation uses a thermoplastic urethane (TPU) blend with excellent durability characteristics. 

HEX Aerodynamics

• Our refined pattern provides the best aerodynamic performance ever in a Callaway golf ball, reducing drag and promoting a stable, penetrating ball flight that holds its line in the wind.

As previously mentioned, early feedback on the HEX Chrome+ has been very positive. In fact, 40 THP forum members had the chance to try it out at the 2013 Texas Invitational last weekend and you can read their thoughts here. 

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  • Wow, that’s awesome. My current ball is the HEX Chrome, so I can’t wait to try these.

  • Amazing!!! Cant wait to see more feedback about these.

  • I really really want to try this ball out. I love the price point and what it says it will do.

  • Huge fan of the Chrome from last year, hearing that Callaway has improved on it has me stoked to try it out!

  • Man i was impressed with this ball in Texas! can’t wait to grab a few more dozen and give it a full work out this year. Took the best of the black and the chrome from last year and combined the two into a great ball!

  • Interested in trying these out. I really liked the HEX Black last year, the Chrome not so much. These may prove to be a better fit.

  • Very interested to try this one to see how it differs from last years Chrome.

  • Thanks to Callaway for giving each if the Texas Invitational participants a dozen of these to try and give feedback. From what we saw and felt, great ball!!!!

  • This golf ball impressed me to no end in Texas last weekend. You can tell right away just by holding it in your hand that you’re dealing with a top notch golf ball. Then actually playing it my expectations were exceeded in every aspect. It’s long, it feels soft off the irons, wedges and putter and it is super durable as well which to me is very important of a Tour level golf ball. I played the same ball for 15 holes before losing it on the 16th and it was still in great shape.

    Thanks goes out to Callaway Golf for letting us get a sneak peek at the ball, you’ve got a winner here boys!

  • I agree with DawgDaddy. This might be a better fit for me than the original Chrome.

  • After one round with the Callaway HEX Chrome +, I am believer. This ball performed from tee to green. And once on the green, the softness off the face of the putter was fantastic. This ball will most definitely be in the bag for some time.
    Thank you Callaway for allowing THP to have an early look at this ball. I believe you have a winner here.

  • I’m definitely gonna have to give these a try. I typically play the HEX Black but could see these being a better option for me

  • Amazing golf balls now going to 4 pieces.

    I wonder where it is going to stop 6, 7 or 8.

  • Very cool technology in this ball. I am going to pick some up and try them out!

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