Callaway Introduces RAZR X Black & RAZR X HL Irons

While at the 2012 PGA Merchandise Show, THP got a chance to speak with Callaway Golf about their newly released 2012 irons and what makes them stand out.

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  • Cannot wait to see the Black in person!! Another great interview JB. Cally irons are frisky

  • Great interview….and those irons are sessy.

  • Those Black irons sure do look good. Callaways done gone Black!

  • Informative video, I had no idea that the premise behind the RAZR was moving the weight down to help with hits towards the bottom of the club face for the average ball striker. Looking forward to seeing and hitting these in May and of course seeing them in some MC’ers bags come July.

  • Great video! Can’t wait to see these in person

  • I don’t blame them for adding more pieces to the Razr family. The models they came out with last year were fantastic, so I’d expect these offerings to step right in and automatically get their spot at the table. I haven’t seen the Black model in stores yet, but did see the HL’s the other day. They really don’t appeal much to me but I bet they do what they do very well.

  • Can’t wait to see these “babies” in person, great vid and great info.

  • Nice interview, thanks.

    Callaway really building on the foundation they set out last year. The blacks look very very nice.

    Y’know, the interview really reminded me of what Razr technology is all about, to make the club more forgiving in the thin hits, maximising distance and forgiveness. I think Callaway could perhaps make more of this feature in their advertising, I like it.

  • Great video, I can’t wait to see the Callaway Razr Black irons in person as they are an iron that are on my radar for the MOrgan Cup.

  • Nice Job as always JB, can’t wait to get my hands on the Razr X Black Irons,….these are my leading candidates for the MC right now….I have seen and hit the HL and XL irons…..and out of those 2 I would lean towards the XF….but the Blacks really have my attention…they look so damn sessy and if they perform anywhere close to as good as they look, they will be in my bag for sure!

  • That Razr X Black looks awesome. I can’t wait to see these in person and give them a try.

  • I can’t lie, the HL irons have me pondering…. These really seem like solid offerings based on the success of the RAZR line last year.

  • Nice interview JB! These are very very nice looking irons. Can’t wait to see them in person!

  • Interesting video. Again, another good job.

  • it would have been nice if they actually showed the irons a little mor up close

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