Callaway Optiforce Driver Preview

Today, Callaway Golf is announcing the release of two new drivers and a fairway wood, all sharing the name FT Optiforce.

FT Optiforce Drivers
The primary theme of this line of drivers is speed. That is, increasing ball speed via additional head speed for those that want more, lack it or have lost it and want it back. Optiforce features an advanced aerodynamic head shape that lacks the sharp angles that we’ve seen from similar attempts by other companies in the past.

There are two models available, separated by size – 440cc and 460cc. The 460cc head will be the more forgiving and higher launching of the two drivers, while the 440cc head will promote a somewhat more penetrating ball flight with less focus on forgiveness for the better player.

The other theme Callaway is promoting with this new line is total optimization. Rather than providing just one head in multiple lofts, the Optiforce is designed to match two head styles that will appeal to different players, along with a variety of lofts to dial in launch conditions.

Each driver will feature two base lofts versions -9.5° & 10.5°.The newly designed OptiFit cog on the Optiforce will offer 8 different positions to dial in both loft and lie. Golfers will be able to subtract one degree of loft or add two degrees, as well as select either a draw or neutral bias for each loft setting.

The Optiforce drivers will have two strong stock shaft options that should fit a variety of players in the 43g Project X Velocity or 62g Diamana S+.

FT Optiforce Fairways
Sharing many of the features that have made the X-Hot fairway woods a leader in the distance category, the lighter FT Optiforce fairway wood is designed to fly higher with more forgiveness and maximum playability.

Callaway has a great episode of Callaway Talks with Dr Alan Hocknell discussing the new Optiforce line that you can check out here.

Stay tuned to THP for in-hand pictures, reviews and full technical specs that will be coming soon.

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  • Adjustable, light weight and great technology, can only mean an improvement on an already stellar line up of gear. I have played with a fully optimizable driver before so I’m a buy excited to give this a go.
    The color scheme and shaft options are pretty stout as well. Looking forward to some serious feedback on this one.

  • Very interesting. Still really unsure to where this fits into their lineup where it’s not a replacement.

  • I am intrigued by this one for sure. Hoping to be able to at least see it in Branson, maybe swing it if there is a LH one making the trip!

  • Interesting. Wasn’t expecting a mid season release at all. Not sure how this is going to fit into the keeping product lines clear

  • Good stuff! I didn’t do well, numbers-wise, with either Callaway option this year, so I’m intrigued to try these out. I am like Harry, the lighter 43g shaft is not for me, so I’m glad that 62g is also an option. Great information in the video!

  • Wow, Callaway drops a huge equipment bomb here. VERY intrigued about the 460cc optiforce especially, as well as how the 3W performs off of the tee and deck.

  • Very intrigued with the 440cc where I have the RFX now. I would love to know if the old Opti-Fit shafts will fit onto this head? Can’t wait for more info and pictures!

  • Adjustable and light weight….sounds pretty impressive. Nice job as always Ryan

  • Thanks Hawk. Look forward to seeing what you think of this driver and how it compares to the X Hot and Xtreme that have had so much success this year!

  • Not crazy about the name, but the technology sounds great. Ready to see this bad boy in person.

  • not crazy about the look. kinda looks like the face of that alien bug in starship troopers or the diamond building in chicago. ie female parts.

  • Like to look of the driver. Is this a composite head like the FT’s of the past?

  • That is a sharp looking driver and if it is even equal to the XHot it will be phenomenal

  • I love my X Hot, if this one is better it will be mind blowing IMO.

  • I’m really excited to see and try this driver. I demoed the RFE earlier this year and it was just a bit too low of ball speed and launch for me. I went with the Xhot because of better numbers.

    But this could be just the inbetween club that works for me.

    “Can’t Wait”-Bart Scott

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