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While walking down the isles of the 2009 PGA Merchandise show, The Hackers Paradise, saw rows upon rows of equipment, gadgets, and apparel. As your fashion guru you can imagine where my focus was; the apparel, there were so many incredible brands. As we were walking I could hear fun, funky music and I was immediately drawn in. The music brought me to their booth, but their clothes kept me there. You are probably asking, what company am I talking about? Capito Golf, filled with style, sophistication, creativity, fashion and the most incredible attention to detail I have ever seen.

When we spent time at the Capito Golf booth we were given an in depth showing, by Mr. Capito himself, of this new to the US clothing line. From what we saw at the show we were already in love, but once we had the goods in the THP offices we had trouble sending it back. We had the opportunity to review six articles of clothing plus belts and belt buckles. The first thing we noticed on all the apparel was their logo, a simple plus sign, or is it? Per the Capito Golf Catelog:

“The plus symbol is the elite status of handicapping. This icon dates back to the 1800s as a form of differentiation between amateur and professional golfers. Only players achieving this status could bare the icon on their scorecard representing the true symbolism of prestige and elegance both on and off the course. The Jon-Paul Capito collection embraces the harmonious balance of sport and luxury goods for the elite status. By representing a significant tailored look, high attention to detail, and superior quality gives the stature of a true gentleman. Luxury is a MUST.”

Of the six items of clothing we received there were three shirts, two pairs of shorts, and a reversible pullover. The first two shirts were the Short Sleeve Pique Golf Shirt in both black and grey. These polos were my first encounter with Capito’s incredible attention to detail. The polo itself is black, then the collar, placket, and sleeve bindings are all white for a wonderful contrast of colors. If he had left the shirt just like that it would have been a beautiful top, but Caipto went one step further and added his signature diamond shaped plaid lining on the inside collar. That added design is a perfect example of his never ending attention to detail. As much as I loved the black and grey polos, I was even more taken with the red short sleeve Jacquard zip golf shirt.

I will admit at first glance I did not care for the pattern, but like a lot of wonderful clothes I have come across this shirt looks much better on a person then on the hanger. The zip placket adds a level of sophistication and really makes it stand out compared to the more traditional button down placket. A funny thing, the part of the shirt I personally liked the most, the woven epaulets, is the part most reviewers liked the least. From the female perspective I thought these shirts were incredibly flattering on a man, they definitely had me doing a double take. When I asked the male testers what they thought they all unanimously agreed “those polos were unbelievable.” All the men said the fit was perfect and very true to size, and the fabric, although it looks thicker then the usual tech material, felt great on the body and you could not tell a difference weight wise. So it looks like for the shirts, it’s get a THP two thumbs up.

Next up is the reversible pull over. This outerwear piece was hands down THP’s pick for our MUST BUY item of the bunch. With an MSRP of $170 USD this piece is a steal because you are getting two jackets in one. The pullover is made of microfiber, so it’s lightweight to allow for an easy golf swing, but will still keep you warm on a chilly day. On one side you have a solid black pullover with the Capito plus sign symbol in white and plaid lined pockets. If he had stopped here this would be one gorgeous looking jacket, but of course he doesn’t, he goes one step further and makes it reversible. Feeling a little fresh and fun, then switch the solid black to a colorful and stylish plaid pullover. No matter how you wear it, you can rest assured you will look good.

In most parts of the country it is not exactly shorts weather just yet; however, living in the sunshine state our male testers were lucky enough to try out the Capito Golf Smart Shorts, one in silver and one with a houndstooth pattern. All our male testers said that both shorts were incredibly comfortable and very lightweight. The men liked the fit, but for me it was all about the fashion. I couldn’t get over how detailed these shorts were. On the back pocked you will find the Capito plus sign and lining each pocket will be their signature plaid print. If that wasn’t enough the inside lining of the shorts also had the plaid print, I was just blown away. The only way to make these bottoms look better was to add one of Capito Golfs interchangeable belts and decorative belt buckles.

Overall, the Capito Golf apparel line is about as nice as anything we have come across this year. When we first previewed the line at the PGA Show we were expecting prices to be extremely high and we were thrilled to learn that they are in line with most of the other high end brands. With both shirts and shorts going for around $85 per piece, THP thinks it is a brand to keep your eyes on. If you decide that you want one “go to” outfit, this could very well be it. For more information on Capito Golf and where you can find these great pieces of style, check out Capito Golf.

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  • I’m with you on the signature plaid–love the detailing with it.

  • GG, I loved the review. I have to admit, at very first look the clothing was just “ok” but as I read your review and learned a little more about the line I was starting to find myself liking it more and more. The shorts to me look the best of the bunch, I love attention to detail like that in my clothes too.

    I gotta ask though, I didn’t see any MSRP on the Polos or Shorts, does that attention to detail come with a very detailed price tag as well?

  • The shirts and shorts go for around $85.

  • not such a fan of this stuff. Though i think its cultural. The whole “burberry check/plaid pattern” is too close to what we call CHAVs in england wear.

    the red polo shirt shown looks quite cool though. Sadly i dont think my physique and features are quite modelesque enough to pull it off well.

  • This is some of the nicest I have seen. Great review.

  • Good review. I really like that pullover.

  • I know this is what golf style is going to, but some of this stuff is a little out there. The collars are too big and what is with the thing on the shoulder? I checked out the online catalog and some of the stuff was okay. As far as golf wear goes, I would never wear the shirts. The pants and shorts looked wearable, but it would depend on how they fit. A few of the shirts were made with a cotton blend that I would sweat through and weight about 5 extra pounds. A huge turnoff in just about everything is that it is dry clean only. I guess if you have the money it wouldn’t bother you, but that is one of the factors that come into play when buying clothes. For $85 a shirt I will just get a couple of dri-fits.

  • Great Stuff, that pullover is genius.

  • I’m guessing that I’m somehow outside the target market for this line because I’m not seeing a whole lot that I would wear, even if the prices were in line with some of the less-expensive options out there. Epaulets are a complete no-no in my closet. While I applaud companies for trying to do something different, this is too different for my tastes.

  • I think these are quite nice. I am not sure how anybody could knock the shorts and the plaid pullover.. But I have a feeling that the people that do not like this stuff are the same people wearing cargo shorts on the course.

  • I think that this is one of the nicest I have seen. That belt is great. I hope I can find these locally.

  • We bought shirts and a belt and have the pull over and a full zip jacket on order. My husband is NOT a golfer but the clothes have amazing style and look fantastic… I just am amazed at the details!!

  • I should say my husband tries to golf!

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