Chase 54 Golf Apparel Review

You may recognize the name “Chase 54” from the various tours, being worn by Jerry Kelly, Kyle Thompson, or Brooke Pancake.  Chase54, aka ‘chase perfection’, boasts a diverse lineup of apparel that is designed for the golf game in mind, including the various temperatures we encounter, as well as the movements we make in our swings.

From Chase54: CHASE54 isn’t just any normal golf apparel brand- we do it all. We research. We develop. We manufacture. We deliver. And the best part? We do it all as one company under the same roof. We know our golf and we know our threads, so we thought it was only fair to bring golf lovers everywhere performance apparel that they want and trust.

The 2018 Spring collection is titled “Luxe in Motion” that includes themes like “Urban Athlete” that promotes fitness performance in bold visual representations, and “Digital Blur” that is represented by a more subdued palette.  Chase54 provided two pieces from their lineup for an in hand look, including the Rift polo, and the Trekker shorts.


The pattern is quite eccentric up close, while being rather subdued from any real distance.  The blue, yellow, black, and white aspects of the shirt will make it quite easy to pair with any number of bottoms, which makes it a diverse option.  The material, which is moisture wicking, is quite soft to the touch and flows really nicely along the shoulders.  The stretch featured in the Rift polo is substantial in a lateral move, while offering a more condensed stretch vertically.  This undoubtedly allows the golfer to move freely in the swing without fear of the shirt coming untucked or limiting range of motion, which is always welcomed.

The fit of the Rift is quite generous.  The large size that was provided would be plenty of room for any golfer with a higher than average shoulder or belly size, as it sits quite relaxed in the armpit region as well as the chest and waist.  This also includes a split at the waist for additional width.  The slender frame of this reviewer (6’2 175lbs) would likely be more suited in a medium or possibly even small if one wanted to go for a more form fitting presentation.

What impressed the most about the Rift is the attention to detail.  There is premium stitching around the buttons (which are also a nice quality and color selection), and the collar even features a collar stay which isn’t all that common in a golf polo.  It adds to the strength of the collar which is already represented well by the material used, and guarantees none of the dreaded collar curling.  Finally, the polo includes a rather subtle Chase54 logo on the back of the collar, which blends into the shirt design.  The Rift retails on their website for $80.50.


The Trekker shorts by Chase54 boast what is said to be their answer to moisture wicking in “DRYFUZE” technology.  Despite the cooler temperatures of the Midwest not allowing for much perspiration, there is an obvious element of cool in the midsection.  For warm summer days, this breathability will be paramount in avoiding unwanted sweat.  The overall material experience is soft and slightly slick, which leads to optimism that dirt or wetness will be repelled well by the Trekker short construction.

With golfers in mind, they provided a generous pocket length which seems to be an oversight by many companies in a world full of massive smart phone users.  Continuing on the understanding of the golf swing mechanics, rubberized material in the waist section will limit the polo from untucking during a typical round. 

In terms of overall fit, they boast a 10 inch inseam which sits very comfortably on the waist and leg region.  The length is represented in the stock image included in this review, sitting slightly above the knee but not exposing an unnecessary amount of thigh.  Much like the Rift shirt, the presentation of the Trekker shorts is that of a relaxed and comfortable fit.  The one and only underwhelming aspect of the Chase54 Trekker shorts is the logo, which did not make it through a full round without falling off.

One element that was not mentioned previously, but is featured in both items provided for review, is the UPF +40 protection, which is highlighted on the tags of the Rift shirt.  As we continue to try and protect ourselves from the harmful rays of the sun, it’s great to see Chase added this protection.  The Trekker retails on their website for $79.

Parting Thoughts

After experiencing elements first hand from Chase54, it is quite clear that quality and performance will go hand in hand with their product.  They boast a great looking existing lineup, with unique takes on ‘blur’ and ‘urban athlete’ coming soon.  For more information on Chase54, visit

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