Cleveland Classic XL & XL Custom Driver Preview

To say that 2012 was a banner year for Cleveland Golf might just be the largest understatement ever. It was a year that bolstered their position with fans of their equipment, and at the same time, put them on the map for many who had always written them off. At the forefront of it all was the Cleveland Classic.

The Classic brought with it looks that were unheard of in a modern driver – a true throwback look that was a nod to yesteryear. The 2012 Classic brought the look of the old persimmon driver heads mixed with the R&D of today, including the deepest face ever seen on a driver.

Now the release of the 2013 Cleveland Golf line is upon us. Replacing the flash of the 2012’s classic paint scheme of maroon and brass is the sleek and clean look of black. Even more than that, this year Cleveland Golf is bringing double the pleasure with two different Classic drivers being released – the Classic XL and the Classic XL Custom.

Cleveland Classic XL

More distance. More confidence. More style. The Classic XL Driver has the largest and deepest face of any driver in golf, and an even larger sweet spot for maximum forgiveness. The Classic XL is aimed at every golfer.


  • Largest, Deepest Driver Face
    • The largest and deepest driver face in golf means the largest effective hitting area for incredible confidence on the tee.
    • Larger Sweet Spot
      • Enhanced variable thickness technology creates incredibly fast ball speed on off-center hits for unprecedented forgiveness.


  • Optimal Center of Gravity
    • Center of Gravity moved deeper in the club head to promote higher launch and more penetrating flight.


  • High Balance Point
    • Weight removed from the grip and shaft for a higher balance point which maintains traditional feel while promoting more speed through impact.
    • Premium Miyazaki Shaft
      • A tour-proven, aftermarket Miyazaki B.Asha shaft produces mid-high trajectory with added speed.


  • Lofts available: 9.0, 10.5, 12.0
  • Head size: 460cc
  • Weight: D5 SW, 285g

Cleveland Classic XL Custom

Style and confidence are now tunable. The Classic XL Custom Driver has the largest and deepest club face of any driver in golf with an even larger sweet spot. An adjustable hosel and interchangeable weight port allow any golfer to tune the driver for precise performance.  The Classic XL Custom takes its aim at the more experienced of players.


  • Adjustability
    • Adjustable hosel can be moved to one of 12 different settings for optimal face andgle and flight, while interchangeable weight port allows swingweight to be optimized for every player.


  • Largest, Deepest Driver Face
    • The largest and deepest driver face in golf means the largest effective hitting area for incredible confidence on the tee.
    • Larger Sweet Spot
      • Enhanced variable thickness technology creates incredibly fast ball speed on off-center hits for unprecedented forgiveness.


  • Premium Shaft Options
    • Available in four different premium shafts: Miyazaki JDL 6 (mid launch), Miyazaki JDL 6 (lightweight, mid launch), Fubuki Tour 53 (lightweight, high launch) and Matrix Ozik Black Tie 6M3 (penetrating launch). Your certified Cleveland Golf club fitter can help you pick the best option.


  • Lofts available: 7.5, 9.0, 10.5
  • Head size: 460cc
  • Weight: D5 SW, Adjustable


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  • Wow, these look downright amazing! Having experienced the pleasure of playing the B Asha shaft and then seeing what is available with the Custom it is obvious that a proper fitting is a must considering the shaft options available in the XL Custom (which are very very impressive).

    Excited to see Cleveland entering the adjustable driver market and definitely curious to hear how these perform!

  • Great looking club, plus great shaft options, plus adjustability plus maximum forgiveness….looks like a winner!

  • Last year’s Classic has become of my favorite clubs–can’t wait to hit these.

  • With the deeper face, larger sweet spot and many shaft options this may just be the driver for everyone if they get properly fitted. I want to hit one very soon.

  • I’ve wanted to see this driver for the past year. I must admit it came out better than I expected. It looks like an absolute beast. Can’t wait to hit it.

  • I think part of the allure of the Classic was the classic paint job. This just becomes another black club to me. With that said, you can’t deny the head design and fantastic stock shaft offerings. Can’t wait to hit this thing for sure.

  • I didn’t like the feel of the Classic last year so I tried the Black Tour. I’ll give Cleveland another try this year.

  • The classic and I never really got along last year. The blacked out look is nice. I like how you get different shafts to choose from with the custom version.

  • I can’t help but wish they kept with the same color scheme of the previous classic which to me looks more well classic. Other than that….WOW! I had heard rumblings of a possible adjustable offering but didn’t see anything concrete until now. These drivers are sure to be bombers and I cannot wait to check them out in person!

  • Really liking these from Cleveland

  • Oh heck yeah I’m ecstatic for this to come out! Last year when I tried the classic for the first time I instantly fell in love with it. I now use the 310 with a Proforce V2 76g, S-Flex, golf pride grip. I nicknamed it the “BAT” because of the feel when crushing the ball. Pretty awesome stuff coming out by cleveland.

  • I like the change! Went with the old school colors and the Classic name to make a point and now giving it a facelift. Looking forward in hearing about how this years Classic compares to last years…it’s got some big boots to fill!

  • Have to agree with Nate here, last year’s Classic was just a flat out amazing club. This one has some lofty expectations to live up to.

  • i love the new look, but without having the 440cc head weight/shape, i can’t be interested in them. last year’s 270g and 290g models in the 460cc head were not my favorite. didn’t like the shape, the look, the feel at all. so unless they plan on taking the 310g 440cc model, and making it black and adjustable, then i can’t say i’m on board.

  • We have known these were coming for awhile now…but they do look great!

  • Love the classic black look and the fact that Cleveland haven’t forgotten about the great clubs of yesteryear.

    A lot of the newer styles drivers are too big and flashy and just don’t get the job done.

    This is a great looking driver and I look forward to testing it out when it arrives.

  • Does adjustability mean plus or minus loft?

  • Adjustability along with a great shaft. That’s an excellent combination.

  • Have just been fitted for the custom XL adjustable with the Matrix black tie shaft.It is the business! Full session on the monitors and trackman,all the bells and whistles,the result? I’m carrying this badboy 250yds plus on average! Better news is I’m more accurate as well as longer by far than my old Callaway.Delighted of course and its a beautiful thing to behold as well!
    To top all this off it makes a very satisfying “thump” noise on impact as it rockets off down the fairway,I love it

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