Cobra KING F9 SpeedBack Driver Spotlight: Range Days Episode 2

Range Days debuted last week and if you missed the first episode, you can find it here. Episode 2 is upon us and we take a deep dive into the Cobra KING F9 SpeedBack driver. We tested it thoroughly and are bringing you all of the data and a whole lot more.

However Range Days is not just about showing the data and the swings. In this episode JB and Dan break down each strike and explain why the performance you are seeing is taking place and what to expect out of the equipment you are testing. How does the Cobra F9 fare? Watch here to find out.

What did you think of Episode 2 and/or the new Cobra driver? Leave us a comment below, or join us in the THP Forum thread to discuss this episode.

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1 Comment

  • Fantastic video gents.

    Breaking down the tech in the head was great. Comparing the lower lofted head to the 12.5* head was informative. What stood out to me the most, was the forgiveness- when Dan missed by 8mm but you still saw solid numbers, speaks volumes to a guy who needs all the help he can get.

    The milled face discussion comparing sound to the feel/sound of a milled putter face is definitely an interesting take that I want to hear more about.


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