Conclusion of Men’s Care Week

Men’s care week officially ended today with the review of our final line of products. Overall I must say that I was pretty blown away by just about every brand. I recommend to our readers that they try a few things from each brand and see what they seem to like best. I certainly had my favorites out of each product line and I urge each reader to try those out.

Jack Black – Sun Guard Ultra Light Spray Sunscreen with Citronella. This product is never going to leave my golf bag. I like it that much.

Lucky Tiger – Their shaving cream I still say is the best I have ever used. I liked every shaving cream we tried. In fact I loved all of them. But for anyone that uses a brush to make lather, this stuff just worked the best. Huge lather, soft, worked well, etc. etc…

Billy Jealousy – The Hair Gel is that GOOD! The scents that they used in their products is great and the travel kit is wonderful. The hair gel is the best hair product I have ever used.

Bliss – Fabulous Foaming Face Wash. The best face wash PERIOD! Smells great and works. Did I mention smells great?

Sharps – Moisturizing Lotion with Sunscreen. This product made your skin feel great and protected it at the same time.

I can tell all the readers that I never thought I would be converted to this type of products. But the way they work and the way they feel definitely make you want to try more things out. I am hooked and I hope you give them all a try too. Keep those emails and comments coming about what products you want to try. We will be doing skin care review weeks just like this twice a year. So keep those suggestions coming on things you want to try.

Coming in a few weeks is going to be the Women’s skin care review week. So stay tuned for that.
I want to thank all of the companies that participated, because without them, none of this would have happened. Thanks.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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