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Some people can be described as vanilla. They enjoy playing golf in khaki shorts and a white polo and just enjoy the game for what it is. A GREAT GAME THAT WE ALL LOVE! Others are different. Some express their game on the course with attitude. Others express their game on the course with STYLE. That is where Tattoo Golf comes in. The golf apparel business has been in transformation for the last few years. It started with some tour players wearing flashy outfits. Along came clothing manufacturers to match those clothes for the average player. But did you know that 10 years ago, a small company came along that stirred the pot and made “Agressive Golf Wear”? Well let me introduce them to you.

When we set out to do apparel reviews, tons of readers sent emails asking for more information on Tattoo Golf. We contacted owner Greg Shaw and he told us the story behind the brand and where his partner Bill Anderson came up with this idea.

It was the Summer of ’98 and there I was having a post-round beer with my buddies at the 19th of our local club. Usually a gathering at the 19th hole means our worries are over. A few beers in the clubhouse can make your best game even better and your worst game not quite as bad. This is where my buddies and I solved life’s dilemmas, strengthen the bonds between us, and transformed into Tiger. Though we’ve solved most of the worlds problems already, on that hot day a few years ago we found ourselves in a quandary. There existed a dilemma that no amount of alcohol in any clubhouse could help us solve…the horror of the golf attire industry! I decided that very day that golf attire needed a little attitude, and I was the one to provide it and just like that, Tattoo Golf was born. Off the course I like my clothes and my ink to express who I am. Why should that freedom be compromised by some 200 year old stuffy, “tradition”? Obviously I don’t think it should.

We asked Mr. Shaw to send us some samples of his line and he was happy to oblige. He really believes in his product and wants the world to know about. It is not just about dollar signs for him. Shaw believes that his clothes are not only about style. He also believes that they are manufactured well and that quality plays a major role in how the apparel line comes out. A few days later a package arrived and in it was a small sampling of what exactly Tattoo Golf is all about. We were able to spend a few days with the items and will tell you all about them. But first I want to add something. When I opened the box, I was very UNSURE. I am not a “skull & crossbones” kind of guy. But the line really won me over. I will explain why in my conclusion at the bottom of the review.

In our package we received from Tattoo Golf, we received quite a few items. The best part was that he sent each item in both Men’s & Women’s. So first up are the shirts that came. We received 2 shirts from them. The Men’s shirt was one of the new designs that they have come out with. It is a black shirt with an almost “argyle” print. But of course there is a “but”. This shirt has flashes of red and the signature “skull & cross bones” as well. The material is Poly-dri Hi Performance Microfibre and is extremely soft. The material is designed to keep you dry and pull moisture away. It is extremely comfortable and held up quite well in the FL heat. The womens version is of the same material but has a different look than the men’s. It features Stars & Skull Logo on the front and “TG” on the back upper left side. Both were well liked by all of the testers that gave them a try. The Men’s version is available and black, white, and gray. While the women’s is available in both black & white. The women that tried the shirt reported back “stares of jealousy” while at the course. So I decided to give it a try on the course, I was still a little unsure about the look. As I walked up to the driving range at my local course, I got two compliments on the shirt before I even got to my area to hit. That was it, I was hooked. I actually received 2 more comments on the clothing before leaving that day and people had just not seen anything like it before.

Next up in the package were the hats. The first one was a black hat with their classic logo on the front as well as a smaller version of that same logo featured on the back. Both of these hats are fitted, but the best part, is that they are flex fit so you do not have to worry about finding the perfect hat size. They fit all the testers with no issues. The white hat that came featured pinstripes and the same logo pattern as mentioned before. It looked really sharp with the black shirt that came in the package. If someone is a fan of pinstripes, this hat could be for them. It has a different look than most traditional hats, but then again, that is why Tattoo Golf is here. AND HERE TO STAY!

The last thing that came from Tattoo Golf was their belt buckles. Now many of the readers know that I am a big fan of the flashy belt buckles. In fact we have a piece coming up next week on this very trend, so I was absolutely thrilled when Greg Shaw included them with the rest of the stuff to review. I have a few prerequisites that I look for in my belts and belt buckles. The first thing is that they are nice looking and can go with numerous outfits. The second thing is, that I love having them be interchangeable. Well, if you feel the same way as I do, Tattoo Golf has you covered. The black buckle that was included was a hit the minute it came out of the box. Again, it features their classic skull & crossbone logo but adds a wonderful shiny black finish. It is big enough to look tremendous but at the same time small enough to not get in the way. It is a piece of art on your belt. For those looking for the more silver look, we got the same belt in a pewter like sliver. Both looked good with an array of outfits and received compliments both days that they were worn. The belt they included to host these buckles is also a thing of beauty. They could be worn without the buckles as well. It features stamped leather with their signature cruising all the way around the belt. Once I snapped off the regular closure and dropped in one of the buckles, it turned a good outfit into one to “be reckoned with”.

As well as all of the clothing that came the company included a few accessories as well such as golf tees & stickers. Both were a hit as we handed them out at the course to everyone that liked the goods.

In conclusion, I want to say a couple of things about the products. Earlier I stated “Tattoo Golf” won me over. I never thought I would be a skull and crossbones guy. But when you change the crossbones to golf clubs, all of the sudden the appeal was there. Top that off with the fact that the clothing is extremely well made and the people behind the brand could not be a nicer group, and you have a winner. To all my readers out there, I urge you to bite the bullet and take a shot with this one. You will not be let down. The clothes are extremely comfortable, well made, and look fantastic. What else could someone want right? How about affordable. Most of their clothes can be had for far less than the big names out there. Give them a try, you will not be let down. And of course if you register in the forums, you will have a chance at a free shirt courtesy of the fine folks at Tattoo Golf. So don’t forget to register there and start posting. Check out everything reviewed here plus hundreds of other products at Tattoo Golf

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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