Danny Le from UST Golf: Golf Unfiltered Episode 241

The THP Radio Network is proud to present the Golf Unfiltered Show with Adam Fonseca. The show brings new and interesting topics and interviews from the world of golf and we are honored to have it as part of our lineup on The Hackers Paradise Podcast Network.

Danny Le, Sr. Director of Marketing for UST Mamiya, sits down with Adam to talk about the Distance Bash live from Hammock Beach Resort.

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  • Another great listen with Adam and Danny. Love UST Mamiya’s focus on the average golfer and giving them a product that will fit them! Very informative for someone trying to learn more about shafts!

  • Nice interview with Danny Le. I’m already a big fan of UST Mamiya, and Danny share’s the great outlook they have on providing great product for the average golfer.

  • Another great podcast guys! Having met Danny I can say his passion for golf is not a business thing, its part of who he is. He truly loves what he does and you can tell with UST Mamiya’s direction and products. Adam does a great job having a discussion about golf with his guests, not just a prescriptive Q&A like some other internet celeb types. Nice job! Only thing missing was some chicken tenders.

  • Nice interview with Danny Le. I am already a big fan of UST Mamiya, and Danny does a great job of discussing their focus on providing some of the best shafts in the industry for the average golfer.

  • Love the information that Danny Le drops! UST Mamiya makes great products! I am very happy with my V2 shafts in my hybrids and would love to try out a gunmetal Lin-Q shaft!

  • Fantastic listen! First time I have heard Danny! Heard nothing but good things about him though! THP killin it!

  • Great listen! Nice interview with Danny Le. Really appreciate the approach here in talking about the average player and how they compare to what we’re watching on TV. Lightweight is the way it’s going!

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